Atlanta Supercross 2006

February 27, 2006 – posted by BMF
Atlanta Supercross 2006 Round 8

This year we left a little later in day and didn’t arrive till around 6:30 pm. It was raining fairly heavy and we had to park about 4 blocks away in a grassy space that cost $20.00 with the promise from the parking guy that we would be able to get out once the race was over without any problems. We didn’t bring an umbrella with us so we trudged through the rain to the Georgia Dome and by the time we got there we were good and wet. We found our seats which were very good ones that put us at the end of the start and close to a good part of the track where they were doubling and tripling a set of whoops. The racing was great even in the 125 class. The 250’s didin’t disapoint either with the points race very tight between Rickey, Chad and James. Rickey and Suzuki had just been penalized 25 points for running illegal fuel in San Diego. James won his heat race with ease over Rickey. Chad wrecked in his heat race and had to race a semi and just barely won that. The Final had James wrecking in the second straight and starting at dead last. Chad and Rickey were in the top four at lap one. Midway through the race Rickey passed Chad in great corner move that put him in the lead for the rest of the race. James worked his way up to 3rd place amazingly.

Some of the crap at the Dome included $36.00 bourbon and cokes…well that was for two drinks…damn….too many damn kids….too much advertising…..too much advertising…too damn much advertising. We left as soon as Rickey crossed the finish line and thankfully it was not raining when we left. We got to the car and noticed people were having a hard time exiting the grassy knoll we had parking in. I attempted to exit the same way I came in but could not get enough traction to get rolling so I backed up to where I had parked and rolled out straight out the side. People driving the opposite way kept slowing down and looking and pointing at us. Some were even giving out whoops and hollers. I got out and looked at my car and found it was covered in mud. Looked like we had gone mudding in the hills somewhere.

We headed to Little Five Points to have an after race drink at the Yacht Club where we had a good time seeing people and drinking strong drinks. We headed home where we danced the night away before crashing out.

Photos of race here.

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