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BMF Birthday 2006

Olive Musica Shiznet

I thought we had an incredible music situation in the punk rock house before I got the Olive Musica for my birthday. Before we enjoyed our two 300 disc cd jukeboxes but lacked the ability to keep an easy to use database of our music that we could explore on our computers, we lacked the ability to move music from our computers seemlessly to our home audio system without burning a disc, and we wanted to be able to play music from our computers and hear it directly through the home audio system.


The Olive Musica has changed all that for us. Now we can do all of the above (less playing directly from the puters but that will soon change according to the guys at Olive Media) and much more.


The Musica connects wirelessly to our computers allowing us to directly import music right onto its 160 GB hard drive. It rips cd’s directly to the hard drive then allowing you to sort the entire album or single songs from the album into a custom made playlist, of which you can create as many as you want. It plays from one playlist or as many as you want randomly.


Thats all I can think of right now but the features and capabilities seem to never end and I’ve had it since August 4th. As I find and remember more features I’ll add them onto this post.


It plays internet radio that has 1000’s of cool stations.


I will say that the Musica is doing everything I always had on my wish list for our audio set up here and more.


The best and only part that fucking matters to me is that My Girl got this DEVICE for me …..no device, no cycle, no band, no NOTHING in this LIFE compares to MY GIRL…I LOVE YOU BABY….U R THE 1 HOO WRINKLES MY SPIZSHNITZLE….I LOVE U

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