Flat Seth

The coolest guy I know from Kansas besides myself is Seth. Seth had a school project in which he created a little flat figure of himself on paper that he mailed to us to take around various places in Atlanta. Below are the links to the photos we took of Flat Seth while he visited us.

Here is Flat Seth next to the downtown Atlanta skyline.

Here is Flat Seth at the Jimmy Carter Center in Atlanta.

Here is Flat Seth playing pool with the Rat Pack. The Rat Pack were Dean Martin, Sammy David Jr., Frank Sinatra, and ?.

Here is Flat Seth with Diamond David Lee Roth. Dave used to sing for Van Halen and took over Howard Stern’s radio slot.

Here is Flat Seth on the magic bed with a vintage Sex Pistols poster advertising the bootleg album “Never Trust a Hippy” taken from the window of a LA music store. Inside the frame are our tickets to the 2002 Inland Invasion tour in California in which the Sex Pistols re-formed to headline the all day punk rock festival featuring over 60 bands.

Flat Seth at the CNN Center.

Flat Seth at the CNN Center 2.

Flat Seth at Phillips Arena.

Flat Seth at Centennial Olympic Park. 1 2 3 4

Flat Seth at the Martin Luther King Jr. Birth Place.

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