MoonShine Metal

The creation of metal madman Todd Boholtz is an ever increasing inventory of creative and odd/cool shaped metal objects hand made by Toddly himself in his state of the art shop consisting of an arc welder, a lot of Ryobi tools and a fridge full of PBR in the can of course.

More info and photos to come as soon as he sends me the info and photos.

The only guy I’ve ever known to move to Wisconsin, rent a chevy dealership building, make shit, smoke herb, drink beer, buy a bike for himself and later one for me at a farm auction, and then jump my bike through a ring of fire on July 4th and then to get all his family’s kids gathered round to give me he fuckin’ bird…U RULE MAN Toddly Balls.


5/30/2009 Update

While recently finding some old “Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll” files I came across the “levels club” page. Very funny and cool. We should start that back up. Anyway Mr. Toddly Balls is still in fucking Wisconsin welding shit, drinkin’ beer and doing what BMF’s do, here are a couple of photos to remind us all of Toddly. (I’ll take these off after you see them Todd if you like, I know you are all upright and shit now.)



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