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11/13/16 – Sunday 420 Salute to Jeff Jackson

Sunday 420 Salute to Jeff Jackson. Twenty-nine weeks have passed since Jeff left the building. Today we had the extraordinary experience of attending a group gathering with the medium Yvonne O’Brien. It was a first for us and I would highly recommend for anyone who have lost a loved person. It was wonderfully cleansing and brought us as close as possible back to Jeff, even if for just a moment in time.

Yvonne entered the room and brought up Elvis (Jeff’s chosen spirit animal ) so I felt the energy was going to be right. It’s hard to describe how someone who has no clue about me or Jeff or what we had been through could sit there and talk about things only he and I could know. It was crazy but she did.

Yvonne said many many things to us as well as to the other dozen or so people in the group about their own lost loved ones. Each story was poignantly wonderful.

She said Jeff was there with another man. And the man made Jeff feel so happy and he was glad to be there with him. The man was happy to see him too. And the man’s name was Dave. He was also there with a dog named Steve. (Dave was Jeff’s dad and Steve was one of our dogs, both sadly gone for quite a while now.) Yvonne talked about how we had rescued Steve from the street.

She said Jeff was upset that he had not been able to speak at the end because he had more he wanted to say to me. But instead he had left notes for me in the pockets of his clothes. He also wants me to bronze his great shoes and put them on a pedestal. (Ha! I’ll need more medium consultations for this one since he had so many great shoes!)

She said he keeps talking about music and smoothing his hair. She said he has a handsome face and loves his hair. Really l o v e s his hair. She said he has nothing against the Beatles. (All true!)

She said he keeps telling me you are soulmates and that you will never forget him. And that you wrote an epic memoir for him that made him famous.

She said Jeff is hanging out around one of the doors of our bedroom and that he knows I’ve been sleeping on the wrong side of the bed and wants me to return to my side. (!!!!!!) He wants me to know everything is fine and it’s all ok. And then she turned to Michelle and said he wants you to “take care of my baby”.

Lastly Jeff wants you to make his big photo bigger…his legacy…the one with the white motor gear…like the Elvis jumpsuit. I said well he always wanted to be Evel Knievel. Not sure about this part but maybe it will come to me soon. Love you 57. Thanks for a good day.

Paula Jackson 11/13/16