Whatever Happened to Rock & Roll v2.1

After many false starts, lost data and program trouble, I finally have come up with a redone version of Whatever Happened to Rock & Roll. It does not come close to what it once was but MusicFilter has filled that roll since WHTRR left the scene. You will also find lots of content from WHTRR embedded within MusicFilter’s content. I have enjoyed looking over the old content of WHTRR. We had fun with it but we moved on to bigger and better things with MusicFilter.

WHTRR began with myself and MC purging the old and beginning something new and fresh together. We began our love for music and our love for each other in a time when the internet was fresh and unchartered. I knew from the beginning that this girl was my match in this life. We began sharing thoughts, ideas and our love for music and cool shit and it wasn’t long before we began sharing a love that to this day fills me up with inlovelustcoolfeelings all inside me when I’m around her.

We used to  talk for hours and hours about music, bands and such, and out of a need to get MC to hear exactly what I was talking about I figured out how to record the audio from a CD using the Windows sound recorder straight from the sound card and save it to a “.wav” file. The damn wave file nearly took up my ‘big’ hard drive at 10mb. So we emailed .wav files back and forth.

The first time I sent MC a song that she really liked, her response did something to me. I began living for that feeling I got when I would give MC a song that she had not heard before and truly liked it. I still live for that. Nothing gives me more of a true thrill than knowing that she ‘gets it’ and ‘gets me’ through listening to  a song. I feel like the biggest Rock star in the universe when this happens. I’ve searched and searched the internet, music stores, magaizines and local bars all with the hope I would find something that would make MC gush. I am always searching for that cool song, cool band and cool feeling when we find someone that we both ‘get’ in the same way. We have a penchant for coolness. Obviously we both know cool, we are together.

We love, we rock, we party, we communicate, yes i said we communicate and we have fun. The best life ever. We live in a Punk Rock House, with Johnny Rotten and tons of cool shit that surrounds us all the time. Life is good.

The answer to Whatever Happened to Rock & Roll is right here beside me, in my life everyday. I love you. I adore you. I love and adore being with you in this life.

WHTRR Tumblr – Original Post

“Orange Socks” by fluff grrl. Miss Chicky sent this song to me. Blew me away.