Coke Bandits

Guitar Lessons

I took my first guitar lesson Saturday at the School of Rock in Atlanta. I was a little nervous but my instructor was a cool young metal head that is into thrash metal and he was very calm and cool. I had to chuckle to myself when he talked of going to see Testament. I […]


What’s New at MusicFilter

All work and less play has kept me off MusicFilter for a while now. The adjustment continues to get better as time passes. I’ve had lots of new toys to play with since I was on here last. Each time I get on this new computer I find new and fun things to play with. Today I bought some DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs to burn some cam movies onto. While I have yet to find any software that will actually burn a Blu-Ray I guess the point is the capacity itself.

On the music scene:
Duane Peters has launched a new record label called “Indian Recordings” in which he plans to put out the new Duane Peters Gunfight record next month. He is also working on a new Old Skars & Upstarts record which will be full of cool new music as usual.

We are going to see Lucinda Williams at the Tabernacle in February. She has a really cool cover of AC/DC’s “It’s a long way to the top” on her new record. We have always been partial to Lucinda.

The Bad Brains are playing Atlanta soon. I’ll be glad when DP Gunfight releases their new record. The Coke Bandits are still ripping it up from time to time.

MC left for a while and I wish I had gone with her now.


The Coke Bandits roll again

The Coke Bandits came back for a slew of shows across the globe in a 24 hour frenzy that garnered them many new gigs, a 744 Aeroliner Jet and Fresca being arrested for reasons unknown.
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The Coke Bandits

Here is a compilation of photos taken over the last two months.

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Lost Coke Bandits swag found

Hall of Fame

MusicFilter has just recieved some photos of the Coke Bandits last few gigs before their tragic plane crash. The photos were emailed anonymously from “”. Click here to see much more.


Coke Bandits Found Alive!!

We have just learned that Fresca was seen on a tropical beach over this weekend drinking out of a pineapple with two straws wearing the last outfit she wore at the Coke Bandits last gig minus her top. When approached for comment she said “Yeh, Dew got a little crazy on the plane. We managed to bail out using my blouse and his trousers as a makeshift parachute. Luckily we landed on a semi-nude beach with locals who think our band is some sort of god”. When asked if we could expect the Coke Bandits to continue their cut short tour anytime soon Fresca said “We’ll probably hang out here for a while, get the natives to build us some new equipment and get back to it soon enough.”. All other road crew and bandmates died instantly when the plane went down and landed inside a huge volcano that happened to be erupting at that exact time.


Coke Bandit’s Disaster

MusicFilter has found out through a anonymous news source that the Coke Bandits have been in a terrible plane crash. As many of you know the Coke Bandits had just earned five stars on a recent leg of their tour earning them rights to many new venues all over the world as well as being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They were on their way to play Tokyo when apparently Dew, on a party rampage fell into the cockpit with a flaming shot of alcohol. When he fell onto the console, his drink spilled into the lap of the pilot catching him on fire and the plane went off auto pilot. The pilot ‘flying’ the plane had not passed his FAA final test and did not know what to do so he pulled and pushed the steering wheel so hard it broke. The plane was last seen nosediving into a set of unknown mountains. There is no word about Fresca as of now. Stay tuned for more as we find out.