The Ruiners – Motorcycle Lazarus

and the Master of Fire and Love


I received the new Ruiners record a couple of weeks ago, Motorcycle Lazarus and The Masters of Fire and Love.

You may know if you ever come to this website I am a huge Ruiners fan already.

I will do a more lengthy review when I get the time but I wanted to say that it kicks major ass. Harder then recent releases it sounds GREAT. Get a copy before they are all gone. This is the type of record you plop on the turntable, turn the volume to 11 and let the music envelope your senses. Your senses will thank you.

Read a recent interview of Rick here and a local Detroit review here.


US Bombs Touring Again

The US Bombs are on the road in Russia and not sure where else. They still sound great.


Zach Green Plays the Red Light Cafe Shootout

Zach Green plays the Red Light Cafe Shootout

April 25th, 2013 by BMF


Zach played four songs last night at the Red Light Cafe in Atlanta last night. His voice and lyrics were complimented by many in the Cafe with extra kudos coming from the bartender who said she really liked his words. Each artist was given 15 minutes to perform as part of the “Open for a big shot Shootout – Hosted by Kahle Davis. Zach had 6 minutes to spare after his first three songs and wowed the crowd with “The Trip” as his finale.

While Zach did not win round one of the shootout he plans to return next week with some new songs for another chance.

Links to last nights performance:

Zach Green – I don’t care

Zach Green – I never knew

Zach Green – Fall Away and The Trip(Not Here)

Hear and buy Zach’s original songs at ReverbNation.


Zach Green Reigns Supreme with “The Trip, Not Here”

Zach Green Reigns Supreme with “The Trip, Not Here”

April 16th, 2013 by BMF

Zach Green played the open mic night at Smith’s Olde Bar last night and once again ruled the stage with his incredible tone. The guitar did not come through all the way during his performance but it wasn’t missed because Zach’s voice is an instrument all its own. The crowd loved it and many said they look forward to more of his voice commenting how great his deep tone is. The song he played was “The Trip” written last weekend. We look forward to many more performances from Zach. For now here is a video of last nights performance.


Zach Green Debuts at Smith’s Olde Bar

Zach Green Debuts at Smith’s Olde Bar

April 9th, 2013 by BMF

All my life I have tried to put myself as close as possible to cool people and cool music. I’ve seen a lot of bands, made lots of friends and kept myself in the ‘cool’ loop of music all along the way. Life is a trip people, and the trip has put me into a whole new realm of being close to ‘cool’ music.

Zach Green, a friend, a part of my family, and one cool dude made his singing debut last night at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta. Though I sadly missed the event, I am happy to show and share with you his unique voice and talent here on MusicFilter. He has a tone that I have not heard in some time and really can’t even think of someone to compare it to. The tonal quality that comes through when he sings is felt in the gut and soul.

Unique and original, yes I said original, Zach has only just begun his musical journey and I am proud and happy to be a part of it.  Take a listen to Zach’s original song “I don’t care” and keep on the look out for upcoming appearances and more songs. If you would like to book Zach at your event or venue contact me here at MusicFilter for details.





Volume IV from Atlanta play the type of music I can really get into. These guys are throwin’ down some classic hard stuff. Sounds DEEP, and HARD and cool. This is the kind of music you feel in your gut.