Duane Peters Gunfight

The Master of Disaster is back once again with a punk rock and roll treat called ‘Duane Peters Gunfight’. It seems Duane can’t stand to not be playin’ rock and roll every wakin’ minute so while the Hunns are taken a break, he put together a six piece band that has various members from the Exploding Fuck Dolls, Ultravires, Spent Idols, The Sleepers, Black Lab, and The Masons. Impressive indeed but even more cool is the wall of punk rock sound these guys create once they plug in and Duane grabs the mic. No emo weemo horseshit here, just straight ahead punk rock like it was meant to be played: loud, fast, hard and in your fuckin’ face.

“War with you” kicks things off with blazing guitars and Duane’s signature growl and howl. The next song “Hell Mary” which was released last month as the first single, which by the way Duane painted the cover for, continues with the kick ass wall of punk rock sound this CD is full of. “Gunfighter” which was the flip side to the single kicks ass from beginning note to end note. When Duane belts out ‘Gonna be a gunfight tonight..Gunfighter!’ it immediatly creates a need to turn the volume up to 11. Timing couldn’t be more right for high volume as “DNA” comes next with quick vocals and jackhammer guitars. “Smoke Em” is as catchy as any song you’ll hear and an instant fave for me. The last song is called “Marry Me” and if there were ever a perfect ending track for a blazin’ fire of punk rock this is it. Slow crisp slightly distorted guitars electricly and eclectically echo in the background as Duane growls his trademark growl and sings ‘Marry me, marry me, I’ll buy you a drink’ Marry me, marry me I’ll get the ring”. I’m not even sure of how to describe it other than it is cool as all fuck.

This is REAL punk rock for punk rock people. Duane Peters is literally the master of disaster in all senses of the word. The Duane Peters Gunfight is no exception to the killer shit this guy continues to release. No filler here, just lots of good music that will keep you wanting more..and more….and more..

Duane Peters Twitter Feed – always tasty.


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