Howling Diablos

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April 26, 2005

Howling Diablos have just released CAR WASH on Alive Records and if you are a fan of gritty grungy smokey nightclub blues this cd will not disappoint. The music drives the vocals and the vocals drive the music all through this cd. As some of you may have figured out, I review music as I listen to it..for the first time. Bands either hook me on the first listen or I file it away. This cd is getting a slot in the MusicFilter cd jukebox for sure. They hooked me on the first song, “Car Wash”. Tino Gross sings like the blues vet he is and the band has got incredible tone that a lot of “blues bands” seem to lack.

Produced by Tino Gross, this cd has a fresh feel that melds great with the natural blues sound the Howling Diablos crank out. Tino has also produced recent releases by RL Burnside and his fresh blues sound is evident in those releases as well. As usual the cool guys over at Alive will let you download a couple of tunes to sample so be sure to check these guys out. Listen and then go buy this cd. You ain’t shit unless you listen to Rock and blues like this. On a side note, the cover is extremly cool. It makes me want to go to Detroit, get a tune up and catch some great blues.(Howling Diablos website!)

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