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April 28, 2003

The Audioscrobbler Project has grown to a 6000 member database since I read about it on Metafilter back in February. I stored the link away for future reference and now after getting back around to it, I find out how truly neat Audioscrobbler is for comparing personal music interests with others.

Richard Jones is the music lover behind Audioscrobbler. It utilizes Winamp as well as
other music playing programs by using a plug-in to analyze the music you listen to and
then suggests new music you might like along with giving you a list of 50 other users that have similar music taste. Find out what others are listening to by accessing the personal stat pages. Ours are @ BMF and Miss Chicky. What’s yours?


After checking out Rowbuht’s 7000+ stats, it appears I’m pretty late to the Audioscrobbler party. But it won’t take long to inject more Nashville Pussy and Unsatisfied into the cocktails. And now we know the concept behind Audioscrobbler must work because it made me curious to learn more about bands on Jack’s list like Boards of Canada and Koufax.

I feel that Boards of Canada is the greatest gift I can give.

And what a small world- I went to Chicky’s stats and there was “Transplants”, a band I saw in Jersey this very night.

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