The Konks

Richard Hell…I really like a good crunchy sentence.

March 14, 2005

The Konks have just released a full length CD… via BOMP!. The Konks ‘play with cheap guitars and two lousy drums’ and with this arrangement they pull off a rockin’ garage band sound that may be unsurpassed by any other ‘garage type’ band out there today. The gem of this disc though for me is the last song which is a cover song. “Let the music do the talkin'” is credited to “Aerosmith” but is actually a Joe Perry penned song that he wrote and recorded on a solo album when Aerosmith was broken up and then re-recorded with Aerosmith on the “Done with Mirrors” LP that was released right before “Permanant Vacation”. Enough about Aerosmith though.the Konks make this song their own and they definatley own it after just one listen.

This is music you feel when you listen to it. Go get a copy of this CD, grab yerself a Jack & Coke, crank it up to 11. This is great music.

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