Unsatisfied 8/14/2010 @Punk Rock House in Pine Lake GA

BMF’s Epic Birthday Party – 2010

On this day in 2010 we held an event at the punk rock house starring BMF and The Unsatisfied.

Bats for you and me baby cause we have no values!
Every night in August since August 14, 2010 bats have flown over the Punk Rock House.
They are entranced by the memory of BMF singing Black Flag’s “No Values” with the Unsatisfied. Punk Rock baby!
BMF loved going out every night to watch the bats and enjoy a smoke at dusk.
I know he thought often about his wonderful birthday party for all his time after. ~mc~

Photos of the party/More photos of the party/Videos of the party/Story about the party

~restored and updated this page on 8/20/17 for my BMF who I will love until doomsday.~mc~

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