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One Bullet Left

Check out this band from Holland “One Bullet Left“, whose members have an average age of 14. These guys play metal better than most seasoned vets. Very cool stuff. Listen to a track here. METAL!!!!

One Bullet Left consists of:

Dennis Woltjer (age 15) – Guitar/Vocals
Rik Overmars (age 12) – Bass/Vocals
Thijs Brinkhuis (age 14) – Guitar
Yorick Woltjer (age 14) – Drums


Marilyn Manson

“If I was your Vampire”

Listen to the new Manson track “If I was your Vampire”

Eat Me Drink Me will be out June 5th.

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Elvis Music



Marilyn Manson – Eat Me Drink Me

Tracklisting for  Eat Me Drink Me revealed:

01. If I Was Your Vampire
02. Putting Holes in Happiness
03. The Red Carpet Grave
04. They Said Hell Is Not Hot
05. Just a Car Crash Away
06. Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand)
07. Evidence
08. Are You the Rabbit?
09. Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery
10. You and Me and The Devil Makes 3


The Rockstar at the Art Show

Marilyn Manson’s recent art show at “Space 39 gallery and Patio de Leon” on March 31st was a kick in the art worlds face in true rockstar fashion Marilyn showed up really late to his own show and wore full make-up and costume. In Charles Runnells article below he describes Marilyn as “swooping” in the venue.
Read the whole thing here.


EMI to offer DRM free download on Apple

EMI will be the first record company to offer DRM free downloads and they will be offered by Apple. The downloads will be priced a little higher at $1.29 but will be higher quality and playable on any device rather than on Apple devices only. This should put the pressure on other record labels to do the same type of thing. Read it all here.