Sex Pistols Art

We have compiled all of our prized Sex Pistols stuff and having a 5’x5′ plexi glass encased montage of it. Here are some of the layout photos. More as I get them. The entire story will appear here once it is done and hanging on the wall. This first gallery is the beginning stages of the project. More photos are coming from the person who put this all together.

The second gallery below the first one, is when the piece was delivered to us yesterday 8_28_09 / It looks better everytime I walk past it. Thank you honey for the awesome gift.

[svgallery name=”pistolsart”]

[svgallery name=”pistolartfinal”]

Here are some shots of the actual creation of this project. Be sure to check out The Custom Frame Shop if you want 100 dollar bills stuffed into your art framing project or if you just want honest people who do quality work just they you wish everyone did it HERE

[svgallery name=”pistolsartcreate”]


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