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Bigfoot and others that opened for Nashville Pussy in Atlanta on 1/27/2011. All the “others” email me and get me some names to put on this page.

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Nashville Pussy Live @ The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA

We went to see Nashville Pussy on a rare Atlanta date before the band heads to Europe for a full on tour. The band did not disappoint. See all the photos of the night here. Not sure what I can say that I haven’t already said about Nashville Pussy. They always rock the house and everybody in it.
Bigfoot also played featuring various members of past Atlanta rock bands featuring Evil Jim. They kicked ass as well and I hope to see them again. Photo’s of Bigfoot and the other opening acts can be seen here.

Great Music

Last week I made a mix cd for my truck with 15 random tracks. While i have enjoyed all tracks, one in particular I play over and over. Track 9, Saint Vitis – White Magic Black Magic, which I originally discovered in the 80’s from a free comp cassette from SST records that I ordered from the back of a magazine. I bring this up because this morning while driving to the grocery store and cueing up that song, I felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness to be hearing this great great song. So on the way back, feeling this feeling of euphoria from the booming dooming effects of White Magic/Black Magic, I decided it was time to listen to a late Christmas gift to my honey, an 180 gram pressing of Robert Plants newest disc “Band of Joy” Listening to side 3 right now, I am reminded of how important great music is in my life. The bonus is I am enjoying it fully with my honey, and the bonus of the bonus is that we will be seeing Robert play live next month. How lucky I am in life to spend it with someone whom I love so deeply and to have known such great music and had someone to enjoy it with.