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Dick Delicious & The Tasty Testicles – I want to Kill the Blackeyed Pea’s

I’ve always been a fan of Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles. In fact my avatar next to the address bar you see for “Whatever Happened to Rock & Roll Tumblr” is a shot of Dick D and myself getting happy at a show years ago in Knoxville. Anyways, they have some new music out and apparently a new album this summer. You MUST hear this song now though. I want to Kill the Black-eyed Peas is awesome stuff.


If your reading this DICK send me a copy of your new record so I can write about it on MusicFilter.

Check out some old Dick D photos here and scroll down.


The Unsatisfied – Songs The Belt Taught Us

MusicFilter Album Review
Released April 24, 2011

April 16, 2011 by BMF

The Unsatisfied should be playing arena’s all across the USA rocking your town to the max. This album should do just that for them as it once again solidifies their pure Rock and Roll Punk rock pedigree. If real Rock is making a comeback, The Unsatisfied can help lead the way with this new record. They spit out Rock anthems that aren’t cheesy but full of ROCK feeling from the gut.

From the opening track of ” Rupture” to the following ” Blasphemers”, the music is goddamned grand big punk rock.  If Jerry Lee Lewis were a punker he would be in The Unsatisfied. The Unsatisfied ain’t practicing, this is serious shit people, real rock for real rock fans. Why these guys aren’t playing to the masses is a question I’ve been asking for years. This is The Unsatisfied’s masterpiece for sure. A culmination of luv, blood, rock, punk, glam, “Songs the Belt Taught Us” is one of those rare records you put on from song one to the end track and it ROCKS. No filler, just killer songs from beginning to end.

The Luvin‘” sounds like a ready made hit that doesn’t compromise coolness for hooks. Once you hear it you will be hooked. “Into the Gash” will make you wanna turn up the volume, crawl into bed and….well, you get the point, or you will once you hear it. “The Kids are Forever” just keeps the flow rolling and by now you will be wanting a shot of something good and the urge to turn it up will over take you. “Wives” is ‘motherfuckin’ violent’ and awesome. “Morbius” slows down (just a little) to bring you into the versatility and depth of The Unsatisfied, proving that a song doesn’t have to be a certain BPM to rock hard. “Ten Inch Waist” mixes genius songwriting and musicianship that will make you the listener wondering like I do, why aren’t these guys playing arena’s with their songs blasting out of FM and Sirius radios everywhere. (we are going to change that and make it happen). “She’ll Kiss the Fire” continues the Rock and Punk onslaught. Eric’s vocals are chilling, the bands music like a good gut punch.”Apocalypse of Joan” comes in well, apocalyptic. The final track “Blackie no tomorrow” will leave you wanting MORE!!. So lets get some more. Go see The Unsatisfied play live, go buy this record and all the ones they put out before this one, call your radio station and demand they play them, post about them on your social networking sites, tell your friends and play it LOUD. “Songs the Belt Taught Us” will not disappoint.

This review comes from the GUT, from my second listen of the CD. More ‘feelings’ will follow in an update to this review, as I can’t even put into words the great feeling I get hearing it.

I’ve been a Rock fan every since I found a pile of 45’s in my parents basement. I can remember sitting and listening to every word and sound come out of that old Zenith console, reading every liner note of each album I would listen to. Every since then, I always dreamed that one day I would see my name in the ‘thank you’s’ that bands would included on the record sleeves. The Unsatisfied made that little dream a reality with this album’s thank you notes, thanking me personally. Wow. Thanks guys. I wanna go on tour now. I feel proud to be a part of these guys tribe. If you are a real rock fan or a concert promoter or just someone looking for something new and original, get your hands on a copy of this disc and turn it up to 11. You will be glad you did.

More to follow: