BMF Birthday 2010

August 14, 2010 posted by BMF

An incredible party. Great music by The Unsatisfied, great food by Hippy and the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club, great people and great time I will never forget. I love you honey.

Here are some photos of the party, people and more. (scroll down if you don’t see it)

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The Unsatisfied Rocks BMF’s Birthday Bash 2010

From the beginning, we have been huge fans and followers of The Unsatisfied. Read some history over here. Me and Miss Chicky decided we would have a big birthday bash this year and host it in our backyard. Only thing we had to do was to get the back yard party ready. After months of busting our asses, we completed the backyard, got party ready, and it was on. As I told a few people, that prior to the party, I was getting so tired that I was having thoughts of just getting the party over with. When the Unsatisfied arrived my spirit was renewed with rock excitement. They set up on our carefully planned dual deck/stage and to say they rocked the house would be an understatement. I had a lot of friends at the party that would not be considered ‘rock’ fans of this type by any means. The day after the show, and talking to many of the guests, they all said, “that band was fucking awesome!!”. This was from what I would call non fans before and gained fans as of today. We are and were obviously already huge fans of The Unsatisfied, and even bigger fans after the party. The band put on two sets. One electrified spectacle of pure punk rock even playing a cover of a song I requested (hoped) they would learn and play and to say the learned it and played it would not do what they did to the song justice. “No Values” originally by Black Flag, covered by many but my favorite cover coming from Hank3 on the ‘West Memphis3’ benefit album put out by Henry Rollins. The Unsatisfied ripped into this song like they fucking owned it and it was most definitely  a highlight for me. Miss Chicky swears they should add this song to their set list and let others enjoy it too. I agree wholeheartedly.

After this raucous set of blistering rock in my back yard, they took a break and came back to do an amazing acoustical set that really worked. A highlight, “When a man comes around”….wow….Eric you sounded amazing and the band played it right as right.

I had a great time watching and listening to the band, but also had a great time joining in on a couple of things I knew one or two lines too, talking with the guys, helping look up lyrics with Wayno and showing Eric some of my treasures as he was patiently showing interest itching to hit the road. You all rock in my book.

So there is the beginning of my post of the Unsatisfied playing at my birthday party. Keep checking back as I will be adding thoughts and memories of things as I think of them. Be sure the check out all the Tumblrs, and other sites we run for other stuff throughout the next few weeks.

Thanks guys for making this birthday a memory of a lifetime. I say we make it once a year, same date, same time every year.

Look for a new release from The Unsatisfied to be reviewed on MusicFilter very shorty..hint hint.

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