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BMF Birthday 2010 Invitation

Click here to download your special secret BMF Birthday Bash Party invitation.

Show it at the door for some fun.

Wanna know what you are in for? Go to our main page, surf down the left side and the right side and check out MusicFilter in full. If you like what you see and read you will have a great fucking time. If you wonder, what is up with this guy/site/shit, then you should probably stay home.

MusicFilter.com has been rockin the shit out of ROCK for SEVEN years now, and if you read deep enough you will see its really been 10 or so years…………nevermind the yearage, the message here is ROCK , LOVE, and sometimes you just gotta say FUCK IT….it is ONE day, on a WEEKEND, lets get it on…….


here is some more stuff to help you decide your attendance

Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll Tumblr

MusicFilter Tumblr

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