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Before blogging got huge I tried to keep a ‘daily’ log of what went on in our life. This was originally on “Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll”


FUCK..I’m being forced to write a retraction of my previous daily life entry. Miss Chicky DID in fact ‘get her ass home’ in plenty of time to go see 9 Pound Hammer. But…………we decided to smoke a little devil weed before we left and I ended up getting beyond high and completely unable to move from the exact spot I was in for about 3 hours. Yes, I was that fucking high. Next time I’ll wait till the ride to the show before I inhale quite so heavily.


Tonight we are going to see 9 Pound Hammer at the Star Bar as soon as Miss Chicky gets her ass back home. I’ve updated the New Picture, there is a Check out 3.29.2 Burn List, and I organized the drop down menu that appears on all the pages throughout this site. If you are a local Atlanta band and would like us to take pictures of you band when you play next, just mail me and let me know when, where, and put us on the guest list and we will be there in full force. I will create a band page(example1, example2) with any info you wish to have listed, along with the pics we take and do a review of your band so that you can use the photo’s if you want and link to the review as well. I can also create simple but useful screensavers using the photos we take of the show that you can download and distribute to whoever.


Only days away from the almighty NP right here in their own backyard. I’ll be there in full fuck you glory. I got a cool package in the mail the other day from a band in Boston called “Wilma”. They not only sent me CD’s to review but a cool shirt and stickers as well. Thanks WILMA. More bands should take a cue from you and realize where and what true rock fans can do for their bands. I’m not claiming to be able to put the band on the rock and roll map of the USA but I can damn sure spread the word my way, on the web and in clubs I go to talking to others just like me. Tonight I am thinking about going to check out a band called “The Creeps” at Echo Lounge. I’m not sure yet. The weed will lead me. Other than that downtown is the same every day.


I’m bad at this update thing huh? Fuck it. Since last time, I have gone to see The Evils at the Nine Lives Saloon. They rocked as usual. Played a couple of new songs too. Had a great time. Enjoyed talking with Jet, he is a cool MF. Thanks to the waitress who brought me some free munchies when I was out of money but needed some food badly. The Tabernacle fired the entire in house staff of security guards earlier this week. I was included. That sucked. So Monday I’m on the street looking for a new job.


We went to the 9 Lives Saloon last night to check out “Artimus Pyledriver”. Look for a full review of the show on the review page. Not a lot been going on downtown here. We are still recovering from our Colorado trip with Nashville Pussy. We still have a lot of photos to post but haven’t gotten them all downloaded yet. Tomorrow night we are going to see DICK DELICIOUS at 9 Lives. Looking very forward to that one. Look for pictures and comments from the show tomorrow night or the next day knowing me.


I was surfing around today and went to check out the “EVILS” website to see if any updates had been done. I was surprised and grinning ear when I saw a photo that I had taken at the New Years show at 9 Lives Saloon. COOL!. Now if I can get JET to link to the rest of the pics I took of them on my site I’ll be ecstatic. The very fact of one of my pictures on a bands website is why I love this shit so damn much. Very gratifying. Go to the EVILS page and see it yourself…..its nothing spectacular, in fact the lighting was a bit off but its still cool as fuck. Its right under the band lineup on the front page. Also check out the other pictures I took of them right here on my site on the Evils Pic Page. FUCK YEAH!!


Last night we went to the Cotton Club to see SPEEDEALER, SUPAFUZZ, & LENNON. Some of you may know that this site was inspired from an old song of Speedealer called “VIVA LA VULVA”. Even though they didn’t play that song, Speedealer played a brutal in your face brand of rock that is I’ve seldom seen. When I think of Speedealer, a guy in a navy blue gas station uniform, wearing an old worn cap, with the name WINT embroidered on the chest comes to mind for some reason. The lead singer reminds me of this guy. Pissed off, and has thought long and hard about what he wants to say and says it with a ferocity that slams you back hard, very heavy. The drummer doesn’t just hit the skins, his hands come up way over his head with almost every beat and comes down to slam the drums with the same intensity that the other band members display. A special thanks to Eric for adding to my BMF signature collection. SUPAFUZZ I had never heard of until last night. They too play a unique style of intensity. They do it with a sense of humor that comes from the lead singer both in song and in between songs. After their show I got to talk to the lead singer briefly. Very nice guy. Thanks for the CD. Look for a review of it on the Review/Link page. LENNON was good too I suppose. Just not my type of band. I wanted to like them but they seemed too rehearsed to be having a good time. Look for more on the show on the Review page.


I went to the 9 Lives Saloon like I said I wasn’t going to. Bad Me. When I got there “The Evils” had already played. I saw Jet from The Evils and said hey. Cool guy. From there I went to the stage to check out the playing band, Bitch, The local Super group. I was Extremely skeptical. They changed my mind. I don’t think they are out impress anyone from Geffen. What they do is simple. They play very very very well, they play cover songs that you wouldn’t expect from a cover band. I believe they played “Rave On” at one point. Then I saw the guitar/vocal from Dick Delicious. Said hey. I can’t help but be a little excited that I heard that Ruyter Suys had been to this website. Call me star struck. They do rule and you all know it. We are planning a $3000 dollar trip to Colorado just to follow Nashville Pussy around the state. THAT my friend is what happened to rock and roll. I played some pool with the drummer from Gargantua and noticed a nice tat on his arm and found out that the singer from Gargantua is the one who did it. Got his card. The one thing that I must impress upon you all is this……The love of my life, the core of my soul…..the strength in my cock, the wet in my tongue, the curve of my step, the viva in my vulva, the slobber in my spit, is you baby,,,,,I love you and can’t wait till u get ur ass back home. Go check out this band I came across last night while surfing around, its hilarious White Cowboy Oklahoma Click here for a listen.


We are going to miss the show tonight at 9 Lives Saloon. The Evils were going to be the special un-announced guests. I’ve updated a lot of the links on the site. Hopefully none are broken now. I’ve uploaded a lot more MP3’s to download. If you are a band and are against MP3’s and see your song on my MP3 page and want it off…..just mail me and I’ll remove it immediately. I am fully aware of the mixed views on this subject. I personally am for MP3’s as they have helped introduce me to tons of awesome music I wouldn’t have found otherwise. And even though I could download full albums of music if I so wanted, I still choose to buy the actual product if it’s something I like. Anyway, browse around the site. Take your time. Its looking a lot better, and will only improve with time. Please link to us if you like us using any one of the headers on any of the pages. I think its time for a bourbon and coke for this BMF.
BTW, if anyone is interested in something really unique for themselves or someone you know, go check out my other website, BAD MOTHER FUCKER. Get really cool t-shirts you can’t get anywhere else but from me directly. To see how it all started go here.


Bands, send us your tour schedule and I will create pages for each band with reviews, tour dates, etc. Click here to mail.


We went to the Somber Reptile last night to see 4 Punk bands. No bands that were advertised showed up. Instead “Texture” played a set. They aren’t really my style but they were pretty good. See the review of show on the links/review page. The Somber Reptile saved some face tonight though, we went back and ate there. Awesome food, friendly staff and did I mention, AWESOME food? After we left the Somber Reptile last night we went to the MOUSE TRAP. I tried to take some pictures there in secret (almost got caught). Here are a few of what I got. Not great but kind of cool looking. Great place. Good girls, expensive but worth it drinks. We met some dude that claimed to be the new drummer for Papa Roach. Whether he is or isn’t doesn’t really matter. If he is, he proves my theory of bloated rock star types that are full of shit, If he isn’t, he proves my theory of wannabe rock stars that are full of shit. It was funny though, watching him. From there we made a stop at The Love Shack, got some porno’s and here we are. By the way, ya wanna see a cool site? Go get some CHICKY.


Yesterday was a shit stained day in general. My computer decided to freak out, I couldn’t win a race on on Jeremy McGrath Supercross World and I just felt out of sorts in general. Today however was a better day. I slept till 11 am straight through, won the hardcore series on Jeremy McGrath on PS2 and found out I’m going to the “Somber Reptile” tomorrow night to see 4 bands with my girlfriend who I”m so super in love with. Look for pictures (hopefully) and reviews of the bands playing by Friday.


Today I played Jeremy McGrath Supercross World on PS2 like I do everyday trying to get past the pro series. I motherfucking motherfucking did it tonight!!. Yeah for me. Other than that, I did nothing again today. Hopefully will be going to to some shows next week. I’ve uploaded some of my personal MP3’s to download. Hope you like. Mail me anything you’d like to see on here.


Saturday afternoon. Nothing happening today I know of. Racing on PS2 here and eating whatever I can get my hands on. Check out the new picture of the day and the show reviews and pictures on the links page. Any bands playing, mail me and let me know, I’ll be there.


Not much happening downtown today. I guess the snow shuts things down ’round here. I’m from KS originally, just moved here 2 months ago, and they didn’t even close school down unless we had 4 foot of snow it seemed like. Anyway, the highlight of my day was finding a place for coffee this morning. A thanks to Jet from The Evils for his comments about my new site and the link back on his site. Go check it out if you get a chance. I have to say that if the Evils couldn’t play, were all Turkish, and could only sing backwards, they would KICK ASS alone just because of how cool their logo is. Fortunately for all of us, they can play, AWESOMELY, and they KICK MAJOR ASS logo or no logo. But check it out anyway to see what I mean.


We had a great time at the 9 Lives Saloon on New Years Eve. Galleon started the night off with a drumless set. The group consists of Elliot Michaels, Jon Far, and Sean Young. One guitar, one rhythm guitar, and one bass comprise the groups instruments as they play a mix of original material as well as some old rock and roll favorites. Very original and unique is the best description I can give. After their set, the Breakaways blasted on stage with their version of what I can best describe as 80’s style LA punk rock. Their lead singer Alex in particular held my attention most of time with his in your face vocals and intense stage presence. After they loaded their gear off the stage on came The Evils. A local favorite of raunchy hard rock that resembles a mix of punk and hard rock. A great band to see anytime you get the chance. Next up was Gargantuan. From what I understand, they are vets of the hard rock metal scene here in Atlanta and they clearly showed that in their short set. Mixing originals with covers, their lead singer demanded your attention both during the songs and in between the songs with his rants. Next up was Dick Delicious. I had been looking forward to seeing them since I downloaded one of their songs recently and they didn’t disappoint. Loud, funny, on the mark with the music and jokes alike they are a band I look forward to seeing again. Highlight of the night may of been when the lead singer from Gargantuan, Shane, joined DD on stage for a kick ass version of “Big Stinky Pussies”. I recommend any of these band live to anyone wanting to see talent as well as a great show. Till next time, VIVA LA VULVA BABY

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