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Original photos of the Evils originally on “Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll. Taken from shows on 12/6/2002, 12/31/2002, 3/1/2002, and 8/24/2002.


The Evils were one of the first local Atlanta bands we saw often in clubs. I don’t know all the guys but see them often. They play fierce balls out rock that is like a wall of sound. We usually see the band play at 9 Lives Saloon but once caught them at the Masquerade and they sounded fucking awesome. Not that they aren’t kick ass at 9 Lives Saloon but at the bigger venue they seemed most at home and they sounded much better than usual in my opinion.


I’ve since seen a ton of local Atlanta bands and I have to say that the Evils personify the true Rock & Roll attitude that a lot of bands today couldn’t even think of if they were payed to do so….Jett is in your face and on it 100% every time he plays and Evil Jim is the ruler of all bloody handed guitar players…..come back guys…We/Atlanta needs you.


5/30/09 (he was still thinking about the Evils – one of his favorite t-shirts – Evils)


Originally on Whatever Happend to Rock and Roll.

Taken at 9 Lives Saloon on 12/31/2002, 12/6/2002/ 3/1/2002 and 8/24/2002.

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Nostalgia ~mc~


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