Rock and Roll Soldiers with Buckcherry

We went to see Buchcherry at the Masquerade last Saturday night (April 29th, 2006). We didn’t leave till about 9 so when we got there we caught the end of the Rock and Roll Soldiers set. They were kicking some ass. The band looks young, pissed off, play like there is no tomorrow. On the last song the guitar player passed his guitar into the audience and then the drummers bass drum was passed throughout the crowd as well. Real cool Rock and Roll stuff. We bought their CD which from what I can gather is two EP’s on one disc based on the two songs we heard.

The CD titled “The Two EP’s” (see how I came up with that before?) is a great suprise of hard energetic rock played just like we like it. I would talk about standout songs here but honestly I like everyone of them. Get this CD, PLAY IT FUCKING LOUD and rejoice that Rock and Roll is alive and kicking. And if you didn’t figure it out by now they rule live as well and I can say that confidently after only seeing them play two songs.

Buckcherry kicked ass too.


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