sHEAVY – Republic?

sHEAVY is the SHIT. I somehow came across this incredible advance of REPUBLIC?, the upcoming release of the band that if Ozzys wife had any balls would have headlining every Ozzfest from here on out bmfgroupie shared sHEAVY with me 2 or 3 years ago and from the first time we listened to them we loved them. Forget the generalization of Stoner Rock these guys re-define it. I can’t help but begin this rant without praising the incredible sound that Steve Hennesy emits from the mic. What we have here is an equivalent of Ozzy that can actually sing and change tones with ease that is not to any way diss the ozzy I’ve seen him lots and he can fucking sing the ozzy way. ozzy is in a category by himself..nobody will ever sound lke ozzy but..Steve Hennesy has a different TONE..i don’t know shit about playing instruments or writing music but to me.he has a different tone..all the while Steve is belting out grab-at-yer-gut sounds the band is chugging right along with him at train track feeling The whole time I’ve been typing this dribble..the first 3 songs have played all of which inspired all this dribble. The fourth song, Moments is THE PERFECT HALLOWEEN PARTY Song full of strong mixed drinks, heavy tokes and an ending that will make you literally move your body slowly towards the speakers eagerly anticipating the next note played. Song 5 is driving hard fuckin. Song six,”phone booth” is eeeeeerrriieee..dont mix that out of the final guysgreat little thingy 7, œspyheeeeeeaaaaaavyyyyyyyyy perfect head song bmfgroupie said she could suck all the way through but I think she needs to listen to it more..but even for the first listen she sucked it mighty good Stingray 16follows with more of the same..not the same same but the distinct sound that follows these guys these guys pull this music from within somewhere.its too fucking trippy to not come from somewhere elseThe MAN ends this amazing CD.original strange guitar/bass sounds come through and grab you then the heavy fucking guitar/bass beat comes through and drives the song through the structure very cool .every song Steve and the band have a gem on their hands get this CD!!!..go see sHEAVY online

Head Song


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