The Coffin Lids

The Coffin Lids ‘Round Midnight’ is the newest release from The Coffin Lids hailing from Boston. “Walk a mile in my shoes” clocks in with buzzing guitars and vocals that make you believe these guys have walked many a Rock and Roll mile. I can picture seeing these guys playing live with every member pausing between songs to take a sip of whiskey only to drive into the next song harder and louder. They sound Rock & Roll and they are Rock & Roll. Track eight, “Action” has some great sounding vocals and a beat that keeps you guessing what comes next. “Kick out of you” reminds me of the Stooges for some reason. “She’s the Bomb” has a really cool driving beat that makes me wanna do just fast. “Creepy Crawl” has the band giving there own version of a sing along dance along song done with the cool sound that creeps out of each song on this disc.

The last track on this disc “Tonight you’re gonna die in my garage reminds me a bit of The Ruiners. What ever happened to those guys anyway? The Coffin Lids have proven their bad ass rock music to me with this disc. I will not only go see them live if they come around Atlanta but I’ll eagerly await each release they put out.

november 12, 2005


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