The Ducky Boys – The War Back Home

I recently got this CD along with a small stack of others and today I randomly stuck The Ducky Boys in the MusicFilter Jukebox to give it a listen. I already know I’m the luckiest motherfucker on this earth but this random selection was a good choice. This three piece band from Boston quickly caught me good ear with a basic straight ahead approach to ROCK. Punk rock, Rock, whatever, they fucking rock from the first track “Celebrate”. Their bio on Sailors Grave paints a clear picture of this band, singing about life, love, living and dying. The best part is they come across very true without the usual bullshit involved when a band claims they sing about life and love.

It has been a while since I heard a band come across so true to ROCK and FUCKING ROLL. These guys should be on the radio…too bad radio sucks balls. (Duane you and I should start a pirate radio station online. I’ll help you choose the music. We could take over the world.)

The track “This time last year” is a very cool slower tempo song that actually doesn’t suck just because it is bit slower than the other tracks. Cool Voice and cool words.

However…the best track on this cd in my HUMBLE opinion is “Contrived and Treacherous”. I’m not sure of the meaning but the words are very very cool.

Contrived & Treacherous:

Contrived and Treacherous…You can live the life you choose
Contrived and Treacherous…Don’t subject us to your views

I remember when you kissed our asses back then
Now you deny it just to show off to your friends……

Go buy the album for the rest of the song and hear this awesome disc in full. Go to Sailor’s Grave Records to buy it.

Go ahead punk…I say get this one, you won’t be disappointed.


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