The Heart Attacks


Heart Attacks Photos

Photos from Mulligans Bar 2/12/05

2/12/05 Mulligans ‘Ain’t Valentines Day Soiree’

The Heart Attacks are five young rock and rollers who even though look too young to know what Rock should be about, proved they know the meaning of kick ass Rock & Motherfuckin’ Roll and then some.They ripped up the stage from start to finish and in my mind blew the other bands away with their energy and songs. I hope we get to see them play a full set sometime soon. Just when we were about to lose faith of any new rock bands that could hold our interst, these guys came along at the right time for us. Nice to see someone original, hard, and hungry who plays original tunes. They kind of reminded me of early Guns & Roses or a hard as nails Faster Pussycat but really they have an original sound that will make you scream for more. If you ever get the chance to see this band play live do yourself a favor and check them out.


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