The Kings of Nuthin’ – Over the Counter Culture

Having read various accounts of this bands wild ways that make Ozzy look tame I have been looking forward to hearing this disc out now on Sailor’s Grave Records.

The disc begins with the title song “Over the Counter Culture” and it is easy to see why these guys have carved a unique niche for themselves. They have an original sound that beckons guys from the 50’s who made deals with the devil to get stardom. R&B inspired punk rock. Or swing inspired punk rock.

I could go on and on about each and every song on this disc but just take my damn word for it when I say it rocks. My fave tracks as of today are “Quick Fix”, “Women and Cadillacs”, and “Tore Up”. I keep having this vision in my head when I listen to the Kings of Nuthin’ and it goes something like this….

I walk into a cool swing bar where the house bands sits quietly on the stage tuning their instruments as a small crowd of people mingle on the floor waiting to dance. As a piano quietly begins playing a low rumble begins to overtake the stage and the band begin to morph into a sleazy punk rock band. One guy blows a ball of fire over the crowd as the band breaks into “Banned from the Pubs”. The crowd suddenly begins moshing a crazy style of swing that only the Kings of Nuthin’ can emit. For some reason I can see this happening with these guys. The band from hell that takes over the local swing dance club and converts all the stale people looking for something fresh.
If you like hard punk rock but are tired of all the whiny little so called punk bands that are out there, pick up this disc, it will not disappoint. These guys brand their music with a style that can only be called their own.

The guys over at Sailors Grave sure know how to pick them. The Kings of Nuthin’ round out an already impressive list of real punk rock bands.
Check out the bands website here.

Download “Only Time” and “Judge or Jury


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