The Love Drunks

Finally something worth a crap to listen to…The Love Drunks(Disaster Records/Bomp Records)hail from Atlanta, GA. I vaguely remember seeing their name in the back of Creative Loafing playing around town but didn’t know much about them. The Cd opens with a jolt to yer soul called “Sketch” which keeps your toes tappin’ all throughout…In fact every song on this Cd will keep your toes tappin’ and yer heart racin’ with thoughts of Rock & Roll from the gut. Prick Magazine (nope – see below) had this to say “…with frontman Patrick A. prancing around like a cross between Lux Interior, Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger on speed.” How can you not want to go see that?

When I first read they had a stand up bass player I was a bit put off until I gave it a listen… unlike other bands with stand up basses, Chris “Koby” Downs plays it so it complements the punk rock feel the band puts forth. Awesome stuff here. Great guitar, great singing, great drums, great fucking sound. I’m actually listening to this as I write this review and I’m more impressed with each song. This is one of the CD’s that is good from track one to the last track and only grows in strength as it plays.
This CD has a permanent spot in the MusicFilter Jukebox and I look forward to seeing these guys tear it up live.

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