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The Unsatisfied


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12.6.02 9 Lives Saloon The lost photos
3.28.03 Star Bar
5.03.03 9 Lives Saloon
7.12.03 9 Lives Saloon
9.20.03 Raw Gallery
3.26.04 The Earl
7.2.05 Star Bar

The Unsatisfied – The Lovin’
From the upcoming album “Songs the belt taught us”

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View Photos from:

12.6.02 9 Lives Saloon The lost photos
3.28.03 Star Bar
5.03.03 9 Lives Saloon
7.12.03 9 Lives Saloon
9.20.03 Raw Gallery
3.26.04 The Earl
7.2.05 Star Bar (Updated to better quality 1_31_2011

8/5/2010 BMF Birthday Bash


August 5th, 2010 / BMF Birthday Party

From the beginning, we have been huge fans and followers of The Unsatisfied. Read some history over here. Me and Miss Chicky decided we would have a big birthday bash this year and host it in our backyard. Only thing we had to do was to get the back yard party ready. After months of busting our asses, we completed the backyard, got party ready, and it was on. As I told a few people, that prior to the party, I was getting so tired that I was having thoughts of just getting the party over with. When the Unsatisfied arrived my spirit was renewed with rock excitement. They set up on our carefully planned dual deck/stage and to say they rocked the house would be an understatement. I had a lot of friends at the party that would not be considered ‘rock’ fans of this type by any means. The day after the show, and talking to many of the guests, they all said, “that band was fucking awesome!!”. This was from what I would call non fans before and gained fans as of today. We are and were obviously already huge fans of The Unsatisfied, and even bigger fans after the party. The band put on two sets. One electrified spectacle of pure punk rock even playing a cover of a song I requested (hoped) they would learn and play and to say the learned it and played it would not do what they did to the song justice. “No Values” originally by Black Flag, covered by many but my favorite cover coming from Hank3 on the ‘West Memphis3? benefit album put out by Henry Rollins. The Unsatisfied ripped into this song like they fucking owned it and it was most definitely  a highlight for me. Miss Chicky swears they should add this song to their set list and let others enjoy it too. I agree wholeheartedly.

After this raucous set of blistering rock in my back yard, they took a break and came back to do an amazing acoustical set that really worked. A highlight, “When a man comes around”….wow….Eric you sounded amazing and the band played it right as right.

So there is the beginning of my post of the Unsatisfied playing at my birthday party. Keep checking back as I will be adding thoughts and memories of things as I think of them.

Thanks guys for making this birthday a memory of a lifetime. I say we make it once a year, same date, same time every year.

July 2nd, 2005
Star Bar- Atlanta, GA

It’s been a while since we had a fix of The Unsatisfied and tonight was the perfect night for just that. Our night began with a couple of drinks at home and then we took off to the Star Bar where we were welcomed with an empty bar. A few drinks later people began to shuffle in. I talked with the guitar player..who I can never remember the name of…and we talked a bit about how the band plans to record -Way to the crumbs- at Eric’s house…very cool…and how the new drummer (also who I can’t remember the name of) was working our great. Eric wandered over later to say hey. The opening band didn’t show up so The Unsatisfied took the stage first with the rock and roll fervor we have come to expect from them…spot on fucking rock!!…They played many new songs I hadn’t heard yet and they sounded great. We began the night sitting in the back but half way into the show Eric and the guys began to draw us towards the stage till finally we were dancin’ the dance and makin’ the moves that only the Unsatisfied can elicit from an audience. Everyone sounded right on the mark. It was a great Rock and Roll show. Definately the best one we’ve seen in quite a while. All the newer songs kicked ass. All the older songs kicked ass. I’m not sure what I can say about this band that I haven’t already said but if you ever have a cravin’ for real rock and motherfuckin roll this is the band you need to see and hear. They do not disapoint. Eric announced after their set that they had some stuff for sale and anyone wanting anything should see him. I immediatly walked up to him and told him I wanted to buy some stuff. He led me backstage where we sat and I drunkenly spouted off about how fucking ROCK AND ROLL they were and how awesome we think they are blah blah blah…Eric all the while, still exhausted from rockin his ass off just sat and politley listened to me trying to catch his breath. I didn’t even think of this till I got home and began going over the night in my head. After I got him to sign one of the CD’s, I figured I better get out of there and find my girl. As I got up to leave the headlining band was carrying stuff to the stage. I think maybe I got in someones way cause some big dude made some comment to me about how “he didn’t give a fuck if I ever came back there again and that I needed to get the fuck out of there now”. Of course my initial response was to tell him to fuck off….but I did not do that as I knew Miss Chicky was somewhere out front and I did not want to get into any shit without first finding her. I found her and before I left I saw the big dude who gave me shit on stage so I motioned him over to the side of the stage and gave him a verbal “FUCK YOU”. So that is the story of how I got kicked out of the Star Bar..for life no less. I’m losin lots of sleep over it. Eric…you guys kick ass.

March 26, 2004
The Earl- Atlanta, GA

We were looking forward to seeing The Unsatisfied at The Earl cause it had been a while for us. The band played new songs all of which were very good. The crowd was like 10 people. Where the hell was everyone at? These guys should be playing in front of a buttload of people everytime they play. Anyway I had a good time, I was super duper stoned and it was fun just sitting and watching. Next time these guys play your town get off your asses and check them out. Show some fucking support.

December 6th, 2003
9 Lives Saloon – Atlanta, GA

“We went to see The Unsatisfied at 9 Lives Saloon Friday night 12/06/02 and were very very pleased with what we saw. Jett from The Evils had told me earlier that night that “the lead singer was a crazy motherfucker” and had a broken foot. To say the broken foot didn’t slow him down would be the understatement of the day! This band kicks some major ass from the git go. They have a melodic, yet very hard sound that is extremly catchy yet hard enough to derail any naysayer that this isn’t pure rock and fucking roll. Eric the lead singer was equal parts Iggy Pop, Jeff Dahl, and Prince. He has a presence not found in many bands these days. This band kicks major butt people. They look good, they sound good, and they are nice guys on top of that.They were cool enough to give me a demo that I was skeptical about at first. I mean, how in the hell can a band that is so visual and obviously rule live, get that energy on a cd? They proved me wrong as soon as the first song came on. The songs all rule start to finish.

September 20, 2003
Raw Gallery – East Atlanta

New live photos of our favorites The Unsatisfied… The show was actually an after party for the screening of “Ambition Withdraw” at the Downstream Film Fest. The guys showed that it doesn’t really matter what venue you throw at them…they simply kick motherfuckin’ ass every time they play.

Eric started the nite out in a leapord pajama thingy that he quickly shed for his usual shirtless atire. Much better. A few sound problems aside, they made up for in RAW energy that seems to exceed their last performance every time in one way or another. The stage (actually the floor) was perfect for Eric to visually and acoustically assault the audience as he ran all around the room, or at least as far as his mic cord would allow him. If he had a cordless mic I wouldn’t have been suprised if he had found his way into the street and coaxed a few outsiders IN. He has that way about him. In a drunken stupor of sorts I somehow found my way to the mic alongside Eric and sang(screamed/mumbled) some various words into the mic. I really just wanted a picture of me up there with him. Mission accomplished. The band were their usual chugginmonsters creating a monstorous sound for Eric to meld into. I want to see this band play somewhere BIG. These guys are destined to play BIG places. Just wait and see. They are true people. True rock and roll motherfuckers. True friends. They played a lot of standards but the best standard was when everyone (including the band it seemed) thought the show was over and they launched into OCCULTIST. Awesome. Next time these guys come close to your town don’t miss it. This band is one of the few real punk rock and roll bands left.

July 12, 2003
9 Lives Saloon – Atlanta, GA

The Unsatisfied ripped it once again saturday night at 9 lives. We got some good photos, some great photos and one Rock & Roll perfection photo. Click here to see a full photo album of the show.

We were a bit wasted brought on by those fuckers over at the Home Depot but as toasted as we may have been the show kicked ass. We arrived a little late and came in as the band played but I think they had just started. They sounded awesome. FUCKING AWESOME. We got some good photos of them and one classic one of Eric in a PunkRockMotherFucker moment for the books. One of the best shows I’ve seen since the last time and the time before that and so on and so on. So if you haven’t seen or heard of this band then do yourself and the music scene in general a favor. They do not disappoint.

On a side note, somehow I managed to find myself out back after the show, demanding that they guys let me help them load there equipment up. I’m sure they were glad to see me stumble back in but I myself had a fucking blast doing what little I did. You guys rule.



Dec.28, 2002
9 Lives Saloon

Travis, the band’s manager, had a birthday party get together that had “The Unsatisfied” headlining. To say the band was awesome would be another understatment so lets just say they kicked major ass. Eric still had his cast on but did not slow him or the band down one bit. As many people know, me and Miss Chicky are huge followers of Nashville Pussy. So much in fact that we followed them for a week long jaunt in Colorado a while back and started a fan site called “Fried Chicken & Coffee” which chronicles their tours and going ons on a weekly basis or as news happens with them. We still love Nashville Pussy and the “Chronicles” will go on as long as the band keeps it up, but we have been looking and wishing another band would come along to spark our interests enough to make us want to follow them around and start a new fansite. We found that band. The Unsatisfied have moved us. They embody the Rock & Roll spirit that is so hard to find nowdays. Not only do these guys rock our asses off , they also impress us with their sincerity and charisma. When they play live, their energy is infectous. The lead singer Eric, is amazing in that he obviously feeds off the energy of his band, the muisc and the audience. Nothing looks to be rehearsed or scripted. The band starts out and its cool, but after a few songs, you can tell Eric and the band feed off each other making a true rock and roll spectacle you won’t soon forget. I’m rambling a bit here, but the bottom line is this band KICKS MAJOR ASS and I would say if they stay together they have a bright and fun future ahead. Look for a new fansite in the future that is all about The Unsatisfied. more later.

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