Toxic Narcotic

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9 Lives Saloon
November 4th, 2003
Live photos

From “Shoot People, Not Dope” EP

We went to 9 Lives Saloon last nite(11_4_03) to check out the UK Subs. The best part of the nite was another band though, Toxic Narcotic. Raw fucking power, intensity and good songs. I met the singer after the show and he gave me their EP, Toxic Narcotic – Shoot people, Not dope. Five songs. I like all the songs. I didn’t think there would be any way in hell they could get that raw power onto a disc like they come across when seeing them live, but they did. Great music and the singer guy has a fucking voice that will make your ass want a dip of snuff. His intensity is incredible. Check out pictures from the live show here.


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