US Bombs – We are the Problem

Just got the new cd in the mail today..”We are the Problem” is available online but won’t hit the stores until April. Duane and the band clock in with 15 all new songs full of political spewing, venomous views, uptempo, midtempo and slow tempo punk rock that will not disappoint any US Bombs fan much less a punk fan. Politics and Punk don’t always make a great mix but Duane Peters, Kerry Martinez, Curt Stitch and Jamie Reidling prove it’s a perfect mix for them.

MusicFilter Podcast from 1/7/2008 – “We Are The Problem”

‘Locked in my skin’ is one of my favorite tracks. Cool lyrics…

“I can’t sit around and read a book
the pages always shakin’ too much
Locked in my skin, its a prison from within”

I could go on about how good each song is but instead I’ll give this one 5 stars. 10 out of 10. Awesome music, awesome band, awesome writing, awesome playing. It is so refreshing to hear new music that is actually worth your money. The US Bombs deliver the goods with this one.
Another standout ditty for me is the perfect closing track, “Cheers”…..

Thanks to the guys at Sailors Grave for letting me stream the song.
Listen to Cheers here.

‘Cheers to you, Cheers to me
Cheers to everything I see
Cheers to us and Cheers to them
Here’s to the greatest audience’

Hey Duane, how do I become a Bomb City Rocker?


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