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Volume IV – Rockin’ Hard in Marietta

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Few bands today come across with any purpose. Volume IV come at you with the purpose of kicking your senses into oblivion with heart pounding vibes and styling that will affect you during and after. This three piece from Atlanta drives their point across loud and clear.

Joe Carpenter plays guitar and sings with a guttural stomp that will leave your mind a bloody mess. Blake Parris plays the bass and sings as well. His bass lines are thunderous to say the least. On drums is Troy King. He keeps it all moving forward with smashes and crashes that you will feel and hear in your head the day after a show. I don’t know much about the guys in the band except for Blake who is a long time friend. I am so glad I made it out to see these guys play. Thanks to Blake for turning me on to them. Volume IV are as fun to watch as they are to hear.

I went with a friend to see Volume IV play a show in Marietta GA of all places and they exceeded my expectations. Every song increased with intensity. These guys have it down. I can’t wait to hear what they are writing for their new record out soon. Look for a review of it on MusicFilter when it arrives.

These three guys who make up Volume IV, are doing something. Doing something that the metal scene needs and has longed for. Simple, hard, pounding metal from guys who not only look the part, they live the part. (My girlfriend said Blake needs to trim his beard but I say it’s perfect man, don’t change a thing.)

(retraction: I must retract the statement about your beard Blake, I got in big trouble because someone was afraid that what I said she said would hurt your feelings. So, in order for my woman to not be mad at me, I retract that anyone said you needed to trim your beard, even though I know she said it cause she loves your “sweet face” so much)

It is easy to lump them into the genre of metal but they are much more than that. Think Heavy/Sludge/Drudge/Fucking METAL that has a listenability that few metal bands of this heaviness and genre can claim.

Check out the MusicFilter Volume IV page for links, photos, videos and more.

I want more.



I just got a pair of these Motörheadphönes today so I won’t drive everyone out of the house when I want to play my guitar. Lemmy is asked about them at the CES show yesterday.

Reporter 1: “There’s a lot of lines of headphones; celebrity headphones…”

Lemmy: “Oh, is there? I didn’t know.”

Reporter 1: “So why are these different?”

Lemmy: “Because they’re from Motorhead.”

Reporter 1: “So is the sound quality different?”

Lemmy: “These are for deaf people, you see. Our fans are deaf, remember?”


Bad Brains – Into the Future Review

I received the new Bad Brains yesterday and listened twice through this morning. It is really cool. Rock, Reggae, beats and more. If you don’t have it or haven’t listened to it I suggest this one for anyone’s library.


Guitar Lessons

I took my first guitar lesson Saturday at the School of Rock in Atlanta. I was a little nervous but my instructor was a cool young metal head that is into thrash metal and he was very calm and cool. I had to chuckle to myself when he talked of going to see Testament. I […]


12/12/12 Concert

On Sirius radio tonight at 7:30 pm. For the first time in 20 years the surviving members of Nirvana will play with Paul McCartney joining them. Whats more is they will play a new song they have been working on. Springsteen, The Who, The Stones and many more will play tonight. Should be good.