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in honor of BMF Jeff Jackson


go ahead punk...

MusicFilter is Officially Fucked Up…

Septem on MusicFilter is deadand pa

as of September 25, 2014, but it will Rise Again.

MusicFilter will never DIE!

BMF working on MusicFilter in 2003 @ StudioPlex.


MC-update 8/16/17 – I just found the lost EP podcast BMF tried to install @ MusicFilter on 2/7/14.

The Outlaw Ways – Hank 3 and David Allan Coe – PerfectenPod

So Happy!


MC- update 3/4/2017 – I am trying to figure this out. I remember how upset we both were when we found out MusicFilter’s host had gone belly up. But Jeff was really sad and mad about it. I can’t remember now exactly when the problem started but it appears he tried to migrate the website to a new host on June 12, 2013 probably from a backup copy he had because the old host never sent him the back up he promised. BMF’s last attempted post was on February 7, 2014 when he tried to install a new podcast. But he was not successful and it made him unhappy and he just moved on to other things. On September 25, 2014 he mirrored to in order to preserve it until he could get interested in it again.This is where the old skeleton lives but it’s seriously broken down on the inside and I will have to go back through years of archives and Jeff’s three computers to hopefully find everything. On January 13, 2017 I began restoring MusicFilter for him cause that’s what he intended to do and I know he would love that I’m doing it for him now. We loved MusicFilter! It’s slow and tedious but I’m finding BMF’s goods every single day.



The Ruiners – Motorcycle Lazarus

and the Master of Fire and Love


I received the new Ruiners record a couple of weeks ago, Motorcycle Lazarus and The Masters of Fire and Love.

You may know if you ever come to this website I am a huge Ruiners fan already.

I will do a more lengthy review when I get the time but I wanted to say that it kicks major ass. Harder then recent releases it sounds GREAT. Get a copy before they are all gone. This is the type of record you plop on the turntable, turn the volume to 11 and let the music envelope your senses. Your senses will thank you.

Read a recent interview of Rick here and a local Detroit review here.


US Bombs Touring Again

The US Bombs are on the road in Russia and not sure where else. They still sound great.


Mystery Song Identified!

UPDATE: 11/7/13

After numerous attempts for help with friends to identify this song I HAVE FUCKING FOUND IT!!.

The band is called Cirith Ungol. The song is called “I’m Alive and was featured on their album “Front and Fire” from 1980. They were on some Metal Blade comps (must be where I had it originally).

More on the band later. Some members still around in other bands.

I shiver when I remember
The things that I have seen
I know the light, I know the Night
I have walked with things unseen
I have been a king invincible
I’ve been the poorest of the poor
I’ve pulled the mighty from their thrones
And laughed at Death’s own door
I roamed the world in search of life
Death followed in my wake
I searched for truth, I want the truth
And learned more than I could take
I’ve walked the roads of mystery
And it’s aged me much too soon
I’ve paid the piper and I’ve paid him well
But he still calls the tune
I shiver when I remember
The shadow of the past
The lonely ways, the lonely days
When every breath might be my last
I lost my heart, I lost my soul
By every hand betrayed
But I’ve still got strength, I’ve still got life
And that will never change
‘Cause I’m alive