About BMF

Jeff Jackson, nicknamed “BMF”, was a punk rock loving, motocross racing Master of all things he chose to do. Born in 1968, he first created MusicFilter in 2003 as a personal space to share his passion for music to replace Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll. He lived a lot of life in his short time on earth and to coin a famous phrase, he still had a whole lot of living and loving yet to do when the beast called pancreatic cancer would come to take his life in 2016. He wondered why death would dare come to him when he was at his happiest and he tried hard to kick death to death. But alas death won. His amazing thoughts and passions survive in all the digital zines he left behind for us all to enjoy and relish. His soul rests in peace. ~mc

Heartbreak station…

Sometimes things just come together…

3/4/02 – BMF I have a lot of my personal CD collection on this website. If you disagree with the whole MP3 craze than I must agree to disagree with you. I have downloaded a many of songs off the net to then go on and buy the CD of the artist even if I had all the songs from the perspective CD in question. If you are in a band and don’t want your song on this list or on my MP3 download page then mail me and I’ll take it off. I do see the bands view on this subject so if I do offend anyone…I am not sorry but I will respect your wishes.

3/23/02 – Miss Chicky to BMF:

A lot of good things have come from the computer. You can get whatever information you need at a touch, you can communicate with people from all over the world, PORN…and best of all, it lets us taste the music. A while back when I was just a little innocent cyberrr girl I met a guy who would rip wavs from his collection of nasty punk rock music and send them to me. He admits at first he was just trying to shock me, but I loved those little wavs the most because I could hear him in the background along with the music. It turned me on and I wanted more. So he gave me more and he taught me how to make the wavs and his influence on me was great. He told me what music I needed to go get…so I went and got it, but I always liked it better when he gave the music to me. He knew so much about who was playing it, when they played it, what he thought they meant by playing it and he patiently explained it to me. He still does. And I fell in love with him.

Mainly cause he gave me my first taste of Nashville Pussy. :)~

He downloads everything. He’s like a fuckin suckin vacuum when it comes to wanting new music. So a while back I thought I’d give him a weekly burn list with at least one or two obscure songs to test him along with a BMF hidden track so he could surprise me. ? And now it’s turned into a fun little project called Burn Baby Burn. You might have noticed the burn list updated weekly over there in the links. Last night he surprised me by making a oh so cool webpage that organizes the music on those burn lists. It lists what music he’s found and what he needs to complete each week’s burn, plus he’s made it just so damn easy for you to burn your own. So if you have any of the missing music…be sweet and share! ? Later on we will list all the CD’s we bought to find some of this music. A lot of Nine Pound Hammer! And if you haven’t listened to Andre Williams … don’t delay and “Let Me Put It In” right now…

Oh yeah and look for the special AC/DC bonus list dedicated to Steve Stephens… who burned a tattoooo into his skin in tribute to Nashville Pussy! Now that’s rock and roll baby.

And remember … marijuana can be the backbone of creativity. So go get high and create something.