About MusicFilter

Cannabis intoxication will not cause permanent brain damage.

In 2002..MusicFilter was born.

In 2003..this is what MusicFilter was about for us…

It’s free! You can join here. E-mail us if you have questions.

Short Version

If it MOVES you…it belongs on MusicFilter.

The Basics

We like good music. Good music can by definition be anything that sounds “good” to you. So one person’s Black Flag may be another’s N’Sync. Trust me, we don’t consider N’Sync to be good music. We like music that you feel inside the very first time you hear it. This web community is like a small town. Everyone is looking and hearing what you are saying so please use common sense when posting and replying. If you lack common sense you don’t belong here anyway.

Who are we?

We are two rock and roll motherfuckers who love each other and also share the same love for music. We like discovering new music that really excites us. We like small punk rock shows and meeting new bands. We like late nite delivery, computin’ every chance we get, finding new music, and burning CD’s. We like coffee every morning and Twizzlers late at night. We like kissing, talking, holdin’ hands and buyin’ new CD’s. We are true music fans.

Today is November 16, 2003 11:30 PM and…..
We also like the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Toxic Narcotic, The Unsatisfied, Pretty Vacant, The Bellrays, Henry Rollins, and our ol’ buddies Nashville Pussy all of whom have permanant pages on MusicFilter. Want your band listed and talked about on MusicFilter? Just go here for more info.

Message from Miss Chicky

BMF says I kick some major php code ass. I love him for saying so but I’m more like the code tweaker. The real coding genius is Jack over at MetaPhilter. I am responsible for modifying the design and graphics for MusicFilter as well as a couple other sites including the Nashville Pussy Chronicles.

Message from BMF

I think code is a conspiracy but somehow I manage to run Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll for a number of years..

Our Master Plan

We love finding exciting new music and bands. The internet offers unprecedented amounts of music to anyone with access to a computer. We hope to discover as much as we can by sharing this website with people like you. We have diligently scoured the web for over four years looking for new music. We have done pretty well, but decided we should start a site where we could get a bunch of people together in one community to “filter” out all the crap we usually wade through to find just one good new song or band. We wanted to create a place where passionate music fans like ourselves can share worthy content about music. Bands can use MusicFilter for free promotion by joining MusicFilter and giving us some general information about your music and your band. Link to your own websites and media so music fans can give you a listen and post feedback. If you are in a band and want more info about promoting on MusicFilter just drop us an email.

We want to help bands out there. We want to come to your shows and meet you. We want to take your pictures when you play live and put them on MusicFilter. Sign up and post info about upcoming shows, news about your band or whatever you feel like saying any particular day. If we come to your show and we like you, your band can count on us as dedicated fans who will do what we can to help you out. If we really really like your band we will create a page for your band on MusicFilter that will feature live reviews, album reviews, general thoughts, our favorite song of your band streamed(not downloadable), photo albums of shows we have attended, and much more all of which can be used many ways to promote your band. We want to make this site work for as many people as we can. Please understand that we like what we like but we don’t catorgize music we like. There are only good songs and songs we don’t like.

This post exemplifies what we had in mind when we started MusicFilter. Musicians and fans coming together discussing and discovering intersting music.

What we need

Each Other


New Music





Final Word

If it MOVES you…it belongs on MusicFilter.

If you can’t figure it out, Tell us.