Old Skars and Upstarts 505

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August 10, 2005

Old Skars 505

Old Skars and Upstarts 505 is the latest comp put together by the Master of Disaster Duane Peters. I own all of them and all of them rank in my top 10 all time best cd list. This new one, “the 505 edition” is no exception. It begins with the “Bad Lieutnants” doing ‘Arizona Love’ that kind of sets the pace for an in your face dose of punk rock from around the globe. The Hunns cover the classic VH track “Ain’t Talkin’ bout Love” and not only do it justice but actually make it better with Duane and Corey trading off on vocals throughout. AWESOME stuff! The Lizzies (feat. Corey) contribute “Baby Black and Blue”. I can’t wait to hear some more from this band. None of the bands on this cd disappoint. Instead they all give you a sense that punk rock is alive and well despite all the CRAP being thrown at everyone that is labeled “punk”. Mr. Peters knows good music period. Now, as if this incredible comp cd isn’t enough, he has organized a tour featuring a lot of the bands on this edition of Old Skars. [more inside]

Disaster Records Catalog, Duane Peters twitter

1–Bad Lieutnants – Arizona Love 0:43
2–Die Hunns – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 3:08
3–Briefs – Human Thermometer 2:59
4–Prima Donna – Double Crosser 2:24
5–Bones, The – Not A Love Song 3:01
6–Angel City Outcasts – Rev It Up, Turn It Loose 3:45
7–Turbo Negro – Suffragette City 2:45
8–Black Halos – Burning Trash 3:11
9–Epoxies – Don’t Talk To Me 2:44
10–Lizzies, The – Baby Black And Blue 3:55
11–Ducky Boys – Scars 3:05
12–U.S. Bombs – He’s The Man 2:45
13–District, The – I Crisis 2:35
14–Amazombies – Blind Devotion 3:17
15–Mad Sin – Straight To Hell 1:59
16–Street Dogs – Drink Tonight 1:11
17–River Boat Gamblers – Smoking Crack With L.A. Reid 2:20
18–Deep Eynde, The – Zombie Kids 1:46
19–Duane Peters Gunfight, The – Blow My Brains 2:58
20–Civet – Black Day 2:35
21–Addicts, The – Steamroller 1:52
22–Worthless, The – Fall In Love 2:07
23–Skulls, The – I Don’t Need Nothing 3:15
24–Hollow Points – Ropes End 3:00
25–Blood For Blood – Hanging On The Corner 3:10
26–Roger Miret & The Disasters – Lower East Side 2:14
27–Stitches, The – Monday Morning Ornamemts 1:44
28–Orphans, The – Underage Girlfriend 1:39
29–R.X. Son – Because Your My Friend 2:15
30–Kings Of Nuthin’, The – Wild In The Streets 2:12


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