Old Skars & Upstarts 2004

Old Skars & Upstarts 2004

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I’ve had this CD for about a month now and when I first listened to it a few tracks struck me as awesome. I stuck the CD in my car and have been listening to it now everyday pretty much. Each time I like each song a bit more. From what I understand Duane Peters puts these comps together himself and if that is the case this guy has got an ear for music like no other. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SONG is a great song but for me personally The District – No Heart is my favorite as of today. Each day I listen, I have a new favorite and now they are all my faves. And why can’t I find any info on this band? The search will continue as it will for every band on this CD. They all kick ass in their own unique way. I was determined to keep my list of 28 albums everyone should own to just that…..25, but everytime I climb into my car to fight the dumbasses on the highways I have finally convinced myself that this CD belongs in the top 10 best comps I’ve ever heard. This is exactly what I hope MusicFilter can put together one day. A comp CD that is good from song one to the last track and only bands and songs that I like. Duane you inspire in ways you may not even realize.
Thanks to all the bands who answered my email for their info….

Bands on Old Skars & Upstarts 2004 with song featured on CD

Bands with a are in MusicFilter’s BandFilter. Click the icon to view reviews, photos and more. Hopefully all these bands will find their way to Atlanta, GA in the future as we hope to have this icon next to each band on this page. If you like GOOD music do yourself a favor and go check out everyone of these bands. I put the bands NOT in order as they appear on the CD cause I fucking felt like it.

Dollar Store Cowboys – Hell Bent

Butchers Bill – This Party Sucks

Street Dogs – Lock and Loaded

Sit N Spin – Dance the Demons Out

The Briefs – Naughty Naughty and Casey Casum Live Photos from The Echo Lounge in Atlanta, GA

The Revolvers – No Clash Reunion

Deep Eynde – Dead Alive

The Briggs – Get off my Cloud

Union 13 – I Promise

The Hollowpoints – P.O.W.

Hellside Stranglers – Rock & Roll Star

Throw Rag – Hang Up

The New Strange – Standing and Talking

Nightcrawlers – Destruction

The Hunns – Got Your Number

Duane Peters & Pascal Briggs – Suicide Child

Monster Squad – F.T.S.


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