The Unsatisfied 12/6/2002 9 Lives Saloon

The Unsatisfied @ 9 Lives Saloon in Atlanta, Ga.

December 6, 2002 by BMF

The Unsatisfied @ 9 Lives Saloon in Atlanta, Ga.

We went to see The Unsatisfied at 9 Lives Saloon Friday night 12/06/02 and were very very pleased with what we saw. Jett from The Evils had told me earlier that night that “the lead singer was a crazy motherfucker” and had a broken foot. To say the broken foot didn’t slow him down would be the understatement of the day! This band kicks some major ass from the git go. They have a melodic, yet very hard sound that is extremly catchy yet hard enough to derail any naysayer that this isn’t pure rock and fucking roll. Eric the lead singer was equal parts Iggy Pop, Jeff Dahl, and Prince. He has a presence not found in many bands these days. This band kicks major butt people. They look good, they sound good, and they are nice guys on top of that. They were cool enough to give me a demo that I was skeptical about at first. I mean, how in the hell can a band that is so visual and obviously rule live, get that energy on a cd? They proved me wrong as soon as the first song came on. The songs all rule start to finish. Check out our photo’s from 9 Lives Saloon here.

But you can see the photos from this show a lot better over here. ~mc

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