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Sex Pistols @ Inland Invasion – September 14, 2002

Inland Invasion “Low Dough” Festival review by BMF – originally posted on Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll on 26 September 2002! BMF reposted his review to Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll Tumblr on 31 May 2009 adding:

Minus the black background and “Whatever Happend to Rock and Roll” header this is how the review appeared on the site originally.

But he saved his original post from WHTRR. He loved his original HTML web pages! ~mc 


First, some history as to how this all came about. A while back I was attending this insurance appraisal school in Mississippi and one night on the internet I saw that The Sex Pistols were going to headline this cool all punk show in CA. So I posted the link on my website cause it was cool and told Miss Chicky about it that night when I talked to her. A few days later, the day before my Birthday, Miss Chicky called me with a “choice” for my birthday present. Choice one was a down payment on a new motocross bike and a week in Kansas to visit my parents OR 2 tickets to the Inland Invasion show in CA and a week in KS. At the time I was so blown away that there was no way I could of made a choice. I called a friend I work with and told him. He flipped a coin for me and it was the Pistols. Even though that wasn’t the deciding factor for me, maybe it is just one more peice of proof that Fate does play a role in every thing we do. Maybe the “naturals” as I call them, were telling me from the start that I already knew what choice I was going to make. (God I’m high right now!) Then I had about 5 bourbon and cokes and after lots of deep thought about it, I called Miss Chicky and told her I choose the Pistols. This was going to be history in the making. This could be the last time the Pistols ever play again. Who cared if they did or didn’t , I was going to see the Pistols! But the best part of all this isn’t the Pistols, it isn’t how fucking good the Pistols ended up being, the coolest and best part for me is that Miss Chicky gave this to me and was here to share it with me. Without her I would not have gone, without here I would not of loved every second of it like I did, and without her, none of this exists anyway for me. I love you so much baby. You make life great.

So we left on a Friday,We arrived at the show location in Glen Helen around 11 a.m. After making our way through the lines to get in and getting searched (which involved them confiscating my 4 packs of Rolaids but not the disposable camera in the crotch of my pants) we decided to go ahead and get some T-shirts. After getting one of each we made our way to the second stage on the lawn. From a distance you could see a small but very visible dust cloud hovering over the pit in front of the stage that spanned from one side of the lawn to the other. The California sun was not something either of us were used to so we quickly found some shade. We perched ourselves next to a display tent made of up old skateboards and punk rock show posters. A great place to people watch. TSOL came on stage and the lead singer announced that they had been so bored lately that they would gladly play anyones backyard party who had the balls to call. He promptly gave out his home phone number and raged into a song. As the last song they of course played “Code Blue” that had the entire lawn crowd singing along word for word. It was then that it really kicked in that there were 20,000 punk rockers in one place. Amazing.

Even more amazing at the moment however was the fucking heat. Me and Miss Chicky were about to heat stroke out so I told her I would return shortly with some water for us. I had no idea what “shortly return” would entail. I made my way to the other side of the lawn along the way finding some cigarettes(always a nice bonus) and finally came upon the “LINE”. About 50 feet across and 80 feet long, this line was pointed into the direction of a four stall booth selling water and beer. After making my way to the halfway point (30 minutes later) a small girl came running up through the line of people (elbow to elbow of course) and quickly got stopped by a larger taller girl telling her in no uncertain terms “NO BUTTING!”. The small girl didn’t say a word, instead throwing a punch worth of a Tyson fight into the nose of the taller girl. All hell broke loose and lasted till I made it to the front of the line. Very entertaining. So after being in line for a little under an hour, I decided we need 3 waters. 3 dollars each!! Fuck it, we needed water. About this time I heard Keith Morris from the Circle Jerks talking about how fucked up it was that they were charging for fucking water! No shit.

When a new band would start playing I would leave Miss Chicky and the shaded spot for about 15 minutes to make my way to the stage to check out the band up close and attempt to take a picture. Around 2 or 3 pm we felt like we had already been through a short war and decided to make our way to the main stage where we had reserved seats waiting on us. We made our way over, got our seats, sat down, and realized this was worse than standing in the shade. The sun was peaked out right above us with no shade in sight. So we walked over towards the vendor spaces and found some more shade. It was at this time we discovered “Chronic Candy”. It was a very cool discovery to say the least. Finally around 6 pm or so I walked back to our seats to see if the sun had made its way out of ours and since it had I went quickly to get Miss Chicky. After settling down in our seats, finally in the shade, it was once again time to brave the water line. An hour later and $10 poorer I brought our 3 waters back.

Around this time (4 or 5) people in the lawn behind the seats began starting fires. Not small BQ fires, but huge round bonfires that they slammed their way around. You couldn’t tell the difference between the smoke and dust clouds.

I can’t really remember the order in which the bands played but I can remember the good and bad parts so here we go.(Main Stage bands)

Blink 182 got booed from the start of their set. It was quite funny. I’m pretty sure they cut their set short.

New Found Glory got booed too but got a lot of shit thrown at them as well. Why were either of these bands on the bill in the first place?

Bad Religion were very cool. They had all 45,000 people singing along to “Sorrow”.

Pennywise were in the same catagory but not as bad as Blink 182. Luckily for them they played harder and really saved face by talking about the bands that should of been there but weren’t i.e. Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, etc. They had a good portion of the crowd singing along to “Fuck Authority” which proved to me that the majority of the crowd were young punks if punks at all.

The Buzzcocks kicked ass playing crowd favorites such as “Breakdown” and “What do I get”. They talked about how cool it was that their music was finally getting some attention after all these years. The Sex Pistols used to open for them back in the day.

X played when we were searching out shade but I did hear them open with “Soul Kitchen” and it sounded great.

The Damned looked and played cool as hell. The lead singer wondered out loud if this was really a punk rock show cause nobody was storming the stage. He dared the lawn people to get off their asses and jump the gates and get to the stage. He also said the little punks in yellow(security) wouldn’t do a damn theing.

The Adolescents also played while we were searching shade and checking the “Chronic Candy” booth but I did hear them play “Kids in a Black Hole” which sounded awesome. They also tried to get the audience to rush the stage numerous times.

Social Distortion was one of our favorites of the day. Mike Ness commented that the day felt like ” One big fucking punk rock high school reuinion”. He also wondered aloud why the Dead Kennedy’s, Black Flag, The Germs, and Fear had not been inlcuded in the bill. By this time the fires were growing in number and size in the lawn and with the sun set it was an awesome site to see. Ness commented on them and then tore into a fast and hard version of “Ring of Fire”. He asked the crowd how they considered this to be a punk rock show when half the audience was in the lawn barriered with gates and security. He told the crowd the security wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing if they rushed the gates and jumped them. You could see Marshalls and the yellow shirts running around scrared shitless after he said that. Funny and a little rush of adreniline imagining just how chaotic it would be if they actually did it. Before their last song, Ness said he knew everyone was just waiting around to see their “Johnny” so they would soon be done.

The Offspring were up next. They played all their hits and few crowd favorites. You could tell this was “their” crowd. They were good but neither Miss Chicky or myself could wait for them to leave the stage.

The Sex Pistols came on and the first thing out of Johnny’s mouth was, “If any of you think we have ANYTHING to do with Levi’s OR KROQ your fucking wrong. We have nothing to do with either!” They then ripped into a hard as nails version of “Bodies”. All through the show Johnny made fun of the radio station KROQ which was sponsoring the event. Awesome. Some asshole in front kept throwing beer on Johnny but he difused the situation by calling the guy a hippie and telling him he was in the wrong show and the wrong decade to and get the fuck out. You could see the security guards hauling him out. Johnny commanded the stage. He ruled the stage. He was king. HE IS KING. He pranced, he sneered, he attacked, he danced. No matter how far back you were from the stage you could feel him on the verge of getting in your face and attacking your ass. He was like a fucking wild dog that had been in a cage for 10 years and someone let him out into a room full of raw bloody meat. This motherfucker is the REAL DEAL folks. He had a natural talent for singing that is overshadowed by his in your face I don’t give a fuck what you thing attitude. In one song, the line goes,”there is no GOD” in which he quickly added “except for ME”! He grabbed his package at one point saying “No rapper has a fucking package like this one!”. Each and every song was better than the last. It was impossible to take your eyes off him the entire set. He challenged the crowd constantly. After leaving the stage for “A cup of coffee and a cigarette” they returned to say “Finally the teenyboppers have left, now we can really have some fun!” To which they played “Silver Machine” the ultimate fuck you and irony to end a show, with a 70’s hair/hippie bands song. I’ve stood by my statement of Nashville Pussy putting on the best live show ever for some time now. I now stand by this statement. No band, not in this time, can come close to the Sex Pistols live. Nashville Pussy you are now number two for me. Johnny Rotten is an amazing performer for the simple reason he is himself and “himself” means he is loud , in your face, and extremely opinionated and he truly doesn’t give a crap what you or me or anyone thinks of that. He is a true BAD MOTHER FUCKER.


Mary Prankster

I am hoping by creating this page that MC will help me find all our other photos of Mary. We will fill this page in later with accurate details. I heard though that Mary has retired. Wonder what she is doing now and the rest of the band?

Mary Prankster Official Site

Mary Prankster @ the Earl Miss Chicky emailed Mary and told her we would be at this show. She talked to us, the whole band signed things for us. Cool show, cool people. Cool Miss Chicky.


Mary Prankster  I’m not sure of the date of this (We can track it down) or even where because I thought we saw them at Echo Lounge but behind the band is an Earl sign. Miss Chicky introduced me to Mary Prankster and I instantly liked her. Cool words, Cool Music and Cool live. I’m sure we have some other photos of her playing on one of our old computers somewhere.
(Note: Old computer project needs to go somewhere in our big list of projects)
(Note: Get a 1 TB hard drive for this project)


We Love Mary


(updated on 1/25/17-mc)



There used to be a club food joint down on Marietta Street in downtown Atlanta called “The Somber Reptile” that had gread cajun food, local bands playing almost every night and crappy service. We would go there randomly to get something to eat or get a cheap drink. One night we were there in the bar a local band called “Texture” were playing. I think there were 4 people in the whole club including us that night. The band took a liking to us, wanted to hang out and drink with us and played decently. Not sure who or where they are now.

[svgallery name=”texture”]


Dick Delicious

Dick is back. See them here.

New album coming out this summer.

Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles to be exact. A band from Atlanta that used to play 9 Lives a lot and were friends with all the cool bands in Atlanta. They made fun of everything you can think of and were actually great musicians. They opened for Nashville Pussy in Knoxville also. Dick used to Jeremy’s (NP Drummer) roommate as well. Dick used to have an editorial column on the website “Consumption Junction”.

Here are some photos taken at 9 Lives Saloon on New Years eve 2002 and some from Knoxville opening for Nashville Pussy.

[svgallery name=”dickd”]


Vintage Burns

Here is a list originally on “Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll” of various burned music cd’s.

BMFinc. The Original

The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star
The Who – You Better you bet
Cranberries – Dreams
Crazy Town – Only when i’m drunk
Hole – Gold Dust Woman
Limp Bizkit – Gutterball(demo from last album.great quaility and very rare)
Stone Ponies – Different Drum
Mary Prankster – Mercyfuck
Mary Prankster – Piss off
Mary Prankster – Tit’s and Whiskey
Prince – Cream
Prince – Rasberry Beret
Ramones – Spiderman
Stone Coyotes – Saw you at the hop
Tindersticks – Travel Light
Rocky Horry Soundtrack – Touch a Touch a Touch Me
Beastie Boys – Sabatage
Cornershop – Brimful of Asha
Crazytown – Butterfly
Hole – Awful

BMFinc. (2nd cd I ever burned)

Dead Kennedys – Take this job and shove it
Lou Reed – This Magic Moment
Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack – Touch Me
The Vandals – It’s a Fact
The Donna’s – Checkin’ it Out
The Breeders – Cannonball
The Pixies – Wave of Mutilation
Tragically Hip – Highway Girl (Live)
Do me a favor Ritchie?
Dusty Springfield – Son of a Preacher Man
Fluff Grl – Orange Socks
Bow Wow Wow – I Want Candy
Kid Rock – Born 2 be a hick
Stone Ponies – Different Drum
Nirvana – Son of a Gun
Pretenders – Brass in Pocket
Blondie – Maria
GG Allin – Fuck Authority
K’s Choice – Not a Habit
Chris Issak – Baby did a bad bad thang
Stone Ponies – Different Drum
Lou Reed – This Magic Moment
Rock Horror – Touch Me
Do me a favor Ritchie?
Foot Fuckin’ Master
Pretty good Milkshake

BMF Music

Circle Jerks – Bricks
Circle Jerks – I wanna destroy you
Bad Brains – House of suffering
Bad Brains – Sacred Love
Black Flag – Black Coffee
Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown
Black Flag – Police Story
Butthole Surfers – The Shame of Life
Cramps – Bikini girls with machine guns
Cramps – I can’t hardly stand it

Atlanta Devil Music Vol. 1

Impotent Sea Snakes – Proud to be country
Impotent Sea Snakes – Fur leather wool meat
Iggy Pop – Talking Snake
Iggy Pop – Saviour
Iggy Pop – I’m Bored
Nirvana – The end(live)
Butthole Surfers – Cowboy Bob
Butthole surfers – John E. Smoke
Butthole Surfers – Dog inside your body
Butthole Surfers – Something
Butthole Surfers – Dog inside your body
Butthole Surfers – Negro observer
Stooges – Penetration
Patti Smith – Pissin in a river
Tori Amos – Whole Lotta love
Hole – Paradise City
Urge – Drunk Asshole
Muffs – Crush Me
Doors – Hitlers Cock

Brutal BMF Shit (the eyeliners? wtf was i thinking(on))

Impetent Sea Snakes – Symphathy for the Devil
? – Die Catholic Die
Raw Power – Give me a drink
BMRC – Whatever happened to my rock & roll(Punk Song)
Slipknot – Crap
Slipknot – Left Behind
Eyeliners – Don’t Go
EightBucksExperiment – Fuck You Punx
Black Flag – Police Story
Black Flag – My War
EightBucksExperiment – Marijuana
Eyeliners – High School
Eyeliners – Do the zombie
Eyeliners – Johnny Lockheart
Eyeliners – Punk Rock Planet
Guttermouth – 123 Slam!
My Ruin – A prayer under pressure
Static X – Wisconsin Death Trip

Brutal BMF Shit (the eyeliners? wtf was i thinking(on))

Impetent Sea Snakes – Symphathy for the Devil
? – Die Catholic Die
Raw Power – Give me a drink
BMRC – Whatever happened to my rock & roll(Punk Song)
Slipknot – Crap
Slipknot – Left Behind
Eyeliners – Don’t Go
EightBucksExperiment – Fuck You Punx
Black Flag – Police Story
Black Flag – My War
EightBucksExperiment – Marijuana
Eyeliners – High School
Eyeliners – Do the zombie
Eyeliners – Johnny Lockheart
Eyeliners – Punk Rock Planet
Guttermouth – 123 Slam!
My Ruin – A prayer under pressure
Static X – Wisconsin Death Trip

BMF Music Vol. 511

Professional Murder Music – Your World
Professional Murder Music – Green
Professional Murder Music – Painkiller Intro
Professional Murder Music – Dissolve
Professional Murder Music – Slow
Professional Murder Music – Sleep Depravation
Professional Murder Music – Sleep Depravation
Slipknot – Crap
Slipknot – Left Behind
Slipknot – Wait & Bleed
Fred Durst – Wish u were here
Queers – Rancid Motherfucker
Ozzy – Gets me through
David Allen Coe – Baddest Motherfucker

BMF Music Vol. 51

Slaves On Dope – War Pigs
Slayer – In-a-Gadda-Da-Vidda
? – Sick
Dope – Everything Sucks
Partisans – I don’t give a fuck
Propaghandi – Fuck Machine
The Muffs – Baby go round
Sex Pistols – I fought the law
Johnny Respect – Catch 22
? – Blow your mind
Bikini Kill – Suck my Left One
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl(w/Joan jett)
Bikini Kill – I Like Fucking
Punk Cover – Still the one(shania)
Dope – Pig Society

BadMotherFucker 9.9

Crazy Town – Lollipop Porn
RATM – Now ya do what they told ya
RATM – I’m Housin’
RATM – Street fighting man
RATM – Fuck tha police(live)
RATM – Pistol grip pump
RATM – Renagades of Funk
RATM – In my eyes
RATM – Beautiful World
Marilyn Manson – The Dope Show
Cypress Hill – Rock Superstar
House of Pain – Jump around
Weezer – Buddy Holly
JayZ – Can I get a fuck you
Beastie Boys – Sabatage
Marilyn Manson – Count to six and die
Buckcherry – Lit Up
Flipper – Life is cheap
Flipper – Ever
Mophine – Sharks
Sixpence None the Richer – There she goes
Lunachicks – The Passenger

BMF Music Vol. 61

Static X – Wisconson Death Trip
Dry Kill Logic – Phenylanaline
Anti-Flag – Fuck Police Brutality
Dry Kill Logic – Rot
Static X – Push it
Static X – Shit in a bag
Dry Kill Logic – Pain
Dry Kill Logic – Assfault
Static X – Black & White
Static X – Machine
Slayer – Orgasmatron
Dope – Sick
Dope – Everything Sucks
Partisans – I don’t give a fuck
Muffs – Baby go round

Heavy Punkk

Germs – Now I hear the laughter
Fear Factory – God of Thunder
Napalm Death – Hung
Ray Grady – You hate me and I hate you
Germs – Lion’s Share
Germs – Media Blitz
Germs – Manimal
Germs – Public Image
Germs – Circle One
GG Allin – The Night
Germs – Throw it away
Germs – Troops of Tomorrow
GG Allin – Clit Licker
Germs – What we do is secret
Germs – Forming
Joe Walsh – I like big tits
Germs – Communist Eyes
Sevendust – Tits on a Boar
Queers – Ursula finally tits
Germs – Dragan Lady
Dick Delicous – Big stinky pussies

Some Old BMF Music

Ratt – Round & Round
Quiet Riot – Band your head
Metallica – last Caress
Marilyn Manson – Speed of Pain
Motley Crue – Public Enemy #1
Smashed Gladys – Legs Up
Iggy & The Stooges – 1969
Whitesnake – Slide it In
Dead Kennedys – Night of the living rednecks
Motley Crue – Come on and Dance
Fred Durst – Say What
Poison – Talk dirty to me
Motley Crue – Wild Side
Jim Morrison – Stoned Immaculate
Motley Crue – Tonight(unreleased)
Union Underground – South Texas Deathride(live)
Motley Crue – I will survive(unreleased)
Downer – Last Time
Johnn Cash – Cocaine Blues(live)
Roger Waters – The Pros & Cons of Hitchhiking

Major Punx !

Blatz! – Fuck Shit Up(live)
Blatz! – Homeade Speed
Smashing Pumpkins – Butterfly Wings
Slaves On Dope – Cat dragged in
Circle Jerks – I wanna destroy you
? – Fuck you punkx
Slaves on Dope – Stick it Up
Kittie – Da Shit ya can’t fuck with
My Ruin – Prayer under pressure
Marilyn Manson – Lunchbox
Guttermouth – 123 Slam
Sex Pistols – Brown Eyed Girl
GG Allin & the Murder Junkies – ShootKnifeStrangeBeat
Dead Boys – I Need Lunch
Plasmatics – Put your love in me
Static X – Wisconsin Death Trip
Sepultura – Orgasmatron


Fans and Freaks

These were origianally on “Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll”. Like then, we invite any freaks or fans out there to email us your photos to add to our gallery. You will have to find the email link on this site.

[svgallery name=”fansfreaks”]


Burn Baby Burn V1.0

This is originally from “Whatever Happened to Rock and Roll”. I have reconstructed this list on MusicFilter but this is the original list with song titles listed. You must click the link to see how is was originally.

Burn Baby Burn Version 1.0 (update 2/12/17 -mc)

Above is live @ here:

From Fried Chicken and Coffee –