BBQ – Tie your noose

March 09, 2005

BBQ – Tie Your Noose is full of very unique music built on original music translated from a one man band Mark Sultan. His latest CD is put out by BOMP!. This guy has to have some eclectic tastes in music. Whatever the influence, you can certainly pick out a considerable wide range of music genres and artists on your own when you hear BBQ belting out
his music and words. On our first listen these words came out of our mouths: “Buddy
Holly, Rock & Roll, Old Rock & Roll, Blues, I wish he could be our house band, DAMN!, Punk rock baby, you know it’s good when you feel in between your thighs!” Mark Sultan is a one man band that plays everything with severe passion.

BBQ or Mark Sultan has fronted a couple of other bands that I haven’t heard of but now I’ll have to go search it out. I followed the link inside the CD cover to his website and found my way to the new blog type site which is cool. BBQ’s music rules all but at a close second for me is the fact that BBQ has lots of full sized MP3’s you can download. That is Rock & Roll baby. Get the music out there. If it is good people will buy. I will definatley buy. How did we miss him when he came to Atlanta back in January? Hopefully he will find his way back in the future.

If you’ve visited us here before you know there is no filler here at just music that moves ya, and I can attest that BBQ will move ya!. Go get it you won’t regret it.


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