The Unsatisfied 7/12/2003 @ 9 Lives Saloon in Atlanta, Ga

The Unsatisfied – July 12, 2003 – 9 Lives Saloon in Atlanta, Ga.

Review by BMF

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What good is law in the United States of America if five or six goddamn bimbos are going to rule against it?
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July 16, 2003

Toast, Cameras, & The Unsatisfied live at 9 Lives Saloon ..Friday night in Little Five Points was extremely satisfying. The Unsatisfied ripped it in fucking half once again….


We were like walking pieces of toast with a little jam on the side, mostly brought on by those fuckers over at the Home Depot but as toasted as we may have been the show kicked ass. We arrived a little late and came in as the band played but I think they had just started. They sounded awesome. FUCKING AWESOME. We got some good photos of them and one classic one of Eric in a PunkRockMotherFucker moment for the books. One of the best shows I’ve seen since the last time and the time before that and so on and so on. So if you haven’t seen or heard of this band then do yourself and the music scene in general a favor. They do not disappoint.


On a side note, somehow I managed to find myself out back after the show, demanding that they guys let me help them load there equipment up. I’m sure they were glad to see me stumble back in but I myself had a fucking blast doing what little I did. You guys rule.


I was sitting there waiting and thinking you went to find Eric to give him a CD. The back door opened for a moment and I got a glimpse of you. The door closed. And then there was Eric but no BMF. Little did I know you wanted to be a roadie but then again you always surprise me. Like that crowd pleasing jump up on the stage so you could take that picture of Eric while he was laying on his back. And let’s not forget the singing. I guess you were right when you said Evan was better than Jim or Jack. But Baby… I’m real happy you returned back to me and thank you for a very wonderful day and night.


I’ve seen The Unsatisfied quite a few times now and they are real rock and rollers, but this time was really extra good. I look forward to seeing them again this weekend at the Star Bar and in Hell at the Masquerade on the eve of Lollapalooza where I expect you will be on August 3 jumping around in the pit and getting your chest mashed up against a guardrail.



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