The Unsatisfied 7/2/2005 @ Star Bar in Atlanta, Ga

The Unsatisfied – July 2, 2005 – Star Bar in Atlanta, Ga.

Review by BMF


It’s been a while since we had a fix of The Unsatisfied and tonight was the perfect night for just that. Our night began with a couple of drinks at home and then we took off to the Star Bar where we were welcomed with an empty bar. A few drinks later people began to shuffle in. I talked with the guitar player..who I can never remember the name of…Wayne and we talked a bit about how the band plans to record -Way to the crumbs- at Eric’s house…very cool…and how the new drummer (also who I can’t remember the name of) was working out great. Eric wandered over later to say hey.


The opening band didn’t show up so The Unsatisfied took the stage first with the rock and roll fervor we have come to expect from them…spot on fucking rock!!…They played many new songs I hadn’t heard yet and they sounded great. We began the night sitting in the back but half way into the show Eric and the guys began to draw us towards the stage till finally we were dancin’ the dance and makin’ the moves that only the Unsatisfied can elicit from an audience. Everyone sounded right on the mark. It was a great Rock and Roll show. Definately the best one we’ve seen in quite a while. All the newer songs kicked ass. All the older songs kicked ass. I’m not sure what I can say about this band that I haven’t already said but if you ever have a cravin’ for real rock and motherfuckin roll this is the band you need to see and hear. They do not disappoint.


See Miss Chicky?

Eric announced after their set that they had some stuff for sale and anyone wanting anything should see him. I immediatly walked up to him and told him I wanted to buy some stuff. He led me backstage where we sat and I drunkenly spouted off about how fucking ROCK AND ROLL they were and how awesome we think they are blah blah blah…Eric all the while, still exhausted from rockin his ass off just sat and politely listened to me trying to catch his breath. I didn’t even think of this till I got home and began going over the night in my head. After I got him to sign one of the CD’s, I figured I better get out of there and find my girl. As I got up to leave the headlining band was carrying stuff to the stage. I think maybe I got in someone’s way cause some big dude made some comment to me about how “he didn’t give a fuck if I ever came back there again and that I needed to get the fuck out of there now”. Of course my initial response was to tell him to fuck off….but I did not do that as I knew Miss Chicky was somewhere out front and I did not want to get into any shit without first finding her. I found her and before I left I saw the big dude who gave me shit on stage so I motioned him over to the side of the stage and gave him a verbal “FUCK YOU”. So that is the story of how I got kicked out of the Star Bar..for life no less. I’m losin lots of sleep over it.


Eric…you guys kick ass.


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