The Unsatisfied 9/20/2003 @ Raw Gallery in Atlanta, Ga

The Unsatisfied – September 20, 2003 – Raw Gallery in Atlanta, Ga.

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September 24, 2003

New live photos of our favorites The Unsatisfied… The show was actually an after party for the screening of Ambition Withdraw at the Downstream Film Fest. The guys showed that it doesn’t really matter what venue you throw at them…they simply kick motherfuckin’ ass every time they play.

Eric started the nite out in a leapord pajama thingy that he quickly shed for his usual shirtless atire. Much better. A few sound problems aside, they made up for in RAW energy that seems to exceed their last performance every time in one way or another. The stage (actually the floor) was perfect for Eric to visually and acoustically assault the audience as he ran all around the room, or at least as far as his mic cord would allow him. If he had a cordless mic I wouldn’t have been suprised if he had found his way into the street and coaxed a few outsiders IN. He has that way about him. In a drunken stupor of sorts I somehow found my way to the mic alongside Eric and sang(screamed/mumbled) some various words into the mic. I really just wanted a picture of me up there with him. Mission accomplished. The band were their usual chugginmonsters creating a monstorous sound for Eric to meld into. I want to see this band play somewhere BIG. These guys are destined to play BIG places. Just wait and see. They are true people. True rock and roll motherfuckers. True friends. They played a lot of standards but the best standard was when everyone (including the band it seemed) thought the show was over and they launched into OCCULTIST. Awesome. Next time these guys come close to your town don’t miss it. This band is one of the few real punk rock and roll bands left.

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