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28 Must have Albums

28) Albums everyone should own

Die Hunns – You Rot me
The album of the year, possibly the fucking decade. Read the review.

US Bombs – We are the Problem
The US Bombs are back with a vengence on Sailor’s Grave Records with a new disc worthy of the top “MUST HAVE ALBUMS” on MusicFilter. Every song is a keeper. Read the review here.

The Unsatisfied – 7 inch Rock Scar
This album is fucking incredible. I’m too high to get too deep right this second but if you go to the link you can read more.

Die Hunns – Long Legs
Legendary skater/punk rock motherfucker Duane Peters punk band now has Corey Parks (ex Nashville Pussy fire breather) in it and they re-did some old Hunns tunes plus some new stuff on this recent release. This is one album that gets better every time you listen. Their cover of “Time has come today” is a standout with Corey on lead vocals with Duane coming in mid way through with his gnarling, snarling voice turning this song into a punk rock gem.

Old Skars & Upstarts 2004
I’ve had this CD for about a month now and when I first listened to it a few tracks struck me as awesome. I stuck the CD in my car and have been listening to it now everyday pretty much. Each time I like each song a bit more. From what I understand Duane Peters puts these comps together himself and if that is the case this guy has got an ear for music like no other. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SONG is a great song but for me personally The District – No Heart is my favorite as of today. Each day I listen, I have a new favorite and now they are all my faves. And why can’t I find any info on this band? The search will continue as it will for every band on this CD. They all kick ass in their own unique way. I was determined to keep my list of 25 albums everyone should own to just that…..25, but everytime I climb into my car to fight the dumbasses on the highways I have finally convinced myself that this CD belongs in the top 10 best comps I’ve ever heard. This is exactly what I hope MusicFilter can put together one day. A comp CD that is good from song one to the last track and only bands and songs that I like. Duane you inspire in ways you may not even realize.

Nashville Pussy – Let Them Eat Pussy
This album has been a favorite if not my all time favorite since the time I got it. Loud, Sexy, & Rough, they exude what Rock & Roll was meant to sound and look like.

Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks
Johnny & the boys shook shit up on a new level that really hasn’t been met in terms of intense influence since. It rocks from start to end. Ever wonder what punk rock is all about?…one listen to this will answer all questions.

The Butthole Surfers – Locust Abortion Technician
The intro to Sweat Loaf ( cover of Sweet Leef ) is worth the price of this album alone. Grab your bong and play this on 11.

Black Flag – Who’s got the 10 1/2″?
Live in some little shit town it some little shit club Henry and company show why they are considered by some to be the seminal punk rock motherfuckers.

New York Dolls
One of the few albums that exists that is great from track one to the last track. Sleazy punky.

Ted Nugent – Double Live Gonzo
The first time I heard Wango Tango, I then understood what Rock & Roll was all about. Ted is all about Sex, Sex and Rock & Roll the way it is supposed to be played. Loud and intense, its easy to see why Nashville Pussy would name their band after one Ted song.

Marilyn Manson – Smells Like Children
Just when he had the everyone freaked, he freaked em’ a step beyond. The cover of Rock & Roll Nigger alone is worth the price of this CD. Strange, hard and pure Marilyn.

Nirvana – Hormoning
Don’t wanna listen to Nevermind? Get this EP and hear why Kurt is considered a god by some.

Nashville Pussy – High as Hell
These guys do it like AC/DC only harder. Their second effort is as good if not better than the first. They only get better.

Iggy & The Stooges – Raw Power
Raw Power.

Pussy Galore – Dial ‘M’ for Motherfucker
No bass. Excruciating heavy guitars and long before Jack White thought about it, John Spencer had it perfected.

The Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street
Short songs, songs that make you wanna Shake yer Hips babe.

Aerosmith – Rocks
Cocaine, cocaine and more cocaine. The boys in Aerosmith may be livin’ clean now days but back in the day, they were havin’ LOTS of fun. Start to finish this album ROCKS.

The Flaming Lips – Oh My Gawd/With You(Tie)
Before they got overly experimental, they were just plain weird. But they played hard loud guitars and vocals that flowed together unlike anything you had heard before. Either one will make you happy in an acid kind of way. Oh My Gawd spawned an awesome acid

The Cramps – Flamejob
Mean, sleazy, sexy rock.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Uplift Mojo Party Plan
Before they started writing pussy songs for the radio they actually played hard funk like punks and punk like funk in a way that made yer mojo uplift and make ya want to create a party plan. This is HARD funk at its finest. Too bad they lost their Mojo.

The Pixies – Surfer Rosa
An elegant topless chic on the cover, but nothing elegant about the songs. Hard, gritty, and yet mellow, they exude punk attitude with this one. “Bloody your hand on a cactus tree, wipe it on your dress and send it to me”…………how can you argue with words like that?

Suicidal Tendencies
Young Mike wrote some amazingly cool and shocking songs on this one. “Institutionalized” is the best teen angst anthem of all anthems put together. So-Cal punk rock at its best.

Bad Brains – I against I
Rasta hard core unlike any. The intensity and speed of this CD is often copied but never like the original. Amazing vocals and amazing guitars and amazing songs and even more amazing intensity make this one of my all time faves.

Natural Born Killers – Soundtrack
Never thought I’d put a soundtrack on a list of must have music, but this one changed my mind. Put together by Perry of Janes Addiction, the songs meld together like they were wrote to be layed out this way.

We Will Fall – Tribute to Iggy Pop
I like tribute albums. This one stands out. Way way out. Joey Ramone doing “1969”, Kenny Kaye doing “We will fall”, this CD is a must for any Iggy fan or punk fan alike. Get this album. It belongs in any punk/rock collection.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Master
This EP will make you rethink what it takes to make a Rock & Roll album. See them live and walk away a changed person.

Soundgarden – Ultra-Mega OK
Before grunge became cool, Soundgarden were ultra cool. I never understood why Chris never used the vocal range he showed on this album on any releases after this. Listen to “Beyond the Wheel” and get ready to be amazed.


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This has always been one of my very favorite BMF wisdom postings. In February 2002 he created the original Top 25 BMF CDS Everyone Should Own for the Nashville Pussy Chronicles. Much the same but revised once he started collecting albums again and met the Unsatisfied and Duane Peters.


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